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A meadow of many flowers. In the heart of the realm and studded with oaks and stray wisterias, Melrose is the home to most all Lowlanders. It is plentiful even during the colder months and, most of all, it's quiet. Scholars from all of Rionnach come to study and practice medicine. Here is the base of the College of Eòlas. It calls to students and professors alike to come and master their craft amidst the beauties of nature... Their campus is located within the Arboretum, a densely wooded grove of maples just on the edge of the Redwood.
[ P ]  how you remind me
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when it all comes down
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[ P ]  bite the hand that feeds
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Hanging Threads Loosely Woven
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amber is the color of your energy
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[ P ]  Memento Mori
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