Castle Stuart
An oak and maple matropolis that is heavily populated with wolves of all kinds and creeds. Many a family has settled here and all kinds of interesting new professions have sprung up. Most go for hunting and patrolling trades but a handfull have started peddling books, flowers, feathers, fortunes, blessings, and all manner of knick-knack paddywack. At the center of it all is Castle Stuart. Of all the rundown castles studding Rionnach, this one is the most robust. It has several turrets, some crumbling towers, and stone pathways that lead through rooms and balconies and offices. Here the royal family resides. In the town center is Ealanor Square where leftover cobblestones and ancient fountains make for a lovely festival grounds. Only Mainlanders know that you must scale the old western staircases, all set into the hills, in order to reach it.

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