Tir Na Nog

Foggy, Tir Na Nog is often curtained by mist. Nestled within the Spéir Mountains, there is a pocket of trees and snow-covered stones. Moss blankets the paths and strange runes are engraved in the mountainsides. This is the land of the Fae—or so legend holds. It is rumored that few who visit the mountain ever return. Instead, they are baited by the Fae to spend eternity within the other realm... Within the mountains, one can find 7 slabs of stone immaculately forming a circle. Magical energy seems to thrum within the air and the winds whistle through the trees. They are the Standing Stones and only Highlanders may find them.


A defensible and sturdy coniferous forest surrounded by pines and Douglas firs. Those that live there are wild and rugged. Multiple clans have laid claim to the forest and its crumbling castles. So many bloodlines have joined and separated over the years that no rightful owner is known. As such, small skirmishes are common. During festivals, however, all those that are natives to Perth rejoice as though nothing had ever divided them.


Twin cities cut through by a wide river that flows down from the northern mountains and into the far east. The dark and sapphire-blue waters are known throughout the land and most of life revolves around fishing and sunbathing. Feuding families and star-crossed lovers have stood on either side of the lazy River Ness, shouting at one another or professing their undying love. No matter the emotion, passions run strong here and there is never a dull moment. Inverness is the most "civilized" of the Highland cities and sees the most visitation from outsiders.


A seaside vista with the most breathtaking views, Aberdeen is a beautiful sight to behold. The weather is temperate, the breeze is cool, and the storms are frightening. For all of its stunning glory, it is a difficult place to live. Most who make a point to keep a toehold here are accomplished fishermen or gatherers unafraid to drift far afield in search of food..

Fae Forest

Thickly wooded and full of brambles, rose bushes, twisted wisterias, pines and cedars. It is a motley wood that is beautiful... but treacherous. Many a pup has gotten lost within the Fae Forest only to never return again. Here is where the nymphs dwell and sing songs that lure woodsmen to their deaths. Few live here for it is a disorienting labyrinth that shocks the senses of even the most astute travelers.