Inspired by letter and texting elements of human roleplays, this thread is dedicated to communication between your character and another through corvids. Each post is a message sent by a character. It is verbatim what the corvid was taught to relay. For example:

Post 1 -
"We lost Uncle Everest last week, he came down with consumption and never recovered -Adamh"

Post 2-
"I am so sorry, dearest husband. I will return to the castle at once. -Your love, Daphne"

There is no limit to the number of message threads you can maintain, but keep in mind that messages will take 1-2 weeks to arrive and corvids have a great memory, but anything over 3 sentences might get lost in translation.

You can read about the system here and the guidelines are here. If you would like to purchase a bird of your own and not use one of the public ones, you may buy one at the market.

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