Seemingly carved into the mountains, Ayr has a bird's eye view of Rionnach. Traversable by precarious trails, many a king's man has fallen here. Bones are not uncommon to find, mostly due to the ancient burial rituals from the Scottish kings of old. Of course, a wayward traveler has joined those hallowed halls here and there. Home to the Aerie, most all of Rionnach's corvids are trained here. Birds are immensely common and young wolves try to barter for a magpie or crow of their own.

Maiden's Braid

A waterfall fed by the central mountains of Earrach. Small creeks spread out from falls and race over the sloping lands, feeding the lowlands and bringing about a rainbow of life. The braid itself is a wonderous place to find new creatures and plants for the wetlands are fertile and the sun shines there even in the coldest of months. Not well-settled due to spring and summer flooding, most Lowlanders venture elsewhere to set down roots. Nonetheless, there is the Wyrwood, a collection of mangrove trees that grow alongside the rivers on the eastern side of the mountain. These are a well-kept secret among Lowlanders and only they may venture there.

Mirror Lake

Lake within the mountains known for its perfectly reflective surface in the winter and fall. In spring and summer, the lake becomes completely transparent and you can see all the way down to the bottom. It is nestled within the other half of the Earrach Mountains and, surprisingly, is none too difficult to reach. It's only a couple day's journey through wide, sloping trails that wind up to the shining waters. There is little to no game here, however, so no cities ever sprung up.


A meadow of many flowers. In the heart of the realm and studded with oaks and stray wisterias, Melrose is the home to most all Lowlanders. It is plentiful even during the colder months and, most of all, it's quiet. Scholars from all of Rionnach come to study and practice medicine. Here is the base of the College of EĆ²las. It calls to students and professors alike to come and master their craft amidst the beauties of nature... Their campus is located within the Arboretum, a densely wooded grove of maples just on the edge of the Redwood.


Rolling hills and flat plains, Edinburgh boasts a handful of hardworking folk that live off of the land. Often paid hunters and gatherers for the bustling cities down south, these Lowlanders have had to make many compromises to their way of life. The first to come under occupation by the Mainlanders during the Unification era, most citizens have somewhat assimilated and lost their wild roots. Nonetheless, they keep the High Tradition and make mention of the Fae (though they put little stock in their actual existence. They're more like fairytales now).