Glass Beach

Named for the series of tide pools along the western shores, the Glass Beach reflects all those who wish to visit. It is a place for meditation and reflection. Each pool gives you a look at yourself from a different perspective: from the left or right if one is being literal. But, allow the imagination to wander and you can picture how your parents, your children, and your people view you. You can see the flaws and the sides that you've never noticed before... and you can find surprising comfort in all the ways that you are whole despite these many distortions.


An oak forest with large trunks, leaves as big as a wolf's face, and enough roots to twist an ankle. It is a fortress of a forest and many Mainlanders live and make homes there. Hunting is difficult with so many obstacles but those that dwell here are hardy and capable stock. Fox hunting is a common festivity among the denizens but one must keep in mind that not just anyone can take part. Closed off and wary, the wolves here are unwilling to make friends with strangers... Go deep enough inside and you just might find some guards carefully keeping watch over the Imperial Barracks. From just outside, you can hear the din of soldiers training.


A forest eternally bathed in autumnal colors, the redwood is red no matter the season. There are rumors that the first seed had been planted a century ago when a clansman of the Mckellan had buried his young daughter there. She had died of a horrible cough that she had caught from a stray Englishman they'd met. Legend has it that the girl's fiery fur stained each seed until the wood was as red as she had been. There are stories that there is a sister forest out there in the world but none have ever found it.

Castle Stuart

An oak and maple metropolis that is heavily populated with wolves of all kinds and creeds. Many a family has settled here and all kinds of interesting new professions have sprung up. Most go for hunting and patrolling trades but a handful have started peddling books, flowers, feathers, fortunes, blessings, and all manner of knick-knack paddywack. At the center of it all is Castle Stuart. Of all the rundown castles studding Rionnach, this one is the most robust. It has several turrets, some crumbling towers, and stone pathways that lead through rooms and balconies and offices. Here the royal family resides. In the town center is Eleanor Square where leftover cobblestones and ancient fountains make for a lovely festival grounds. Only Mainlanders know that you must scale the old western staircases, all set into the hills, in order to reach it.


Another seaside spot but one with black sand, more aggressive weather, and precarious cliffs down to the ocean's embrace. Those that live in Sussex get a taste for the salty air and a wealth of amusement when foreigners try to drink the ocean water. It's the hardest living in all of the Mainlands but those that live here are often humorous and joyous folk. They enjoy the stories that travelers bring from distant lands are known to be quite nosy gossips. The only wolves they avoid are those that frequent the Drunken Seagull. The Drunken Seagull is a tavern located within the caves within (and underneath) the cliffside. Only thieves and other sordid folk are allowed to set foot in there... unless a fool feels tempting fate of course.