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Combat Court & Prison


There are two ways to experience combat. You can talk it out which involves you and your RP partner working out the result of the fight and writing it out. Or, you can submit to RNJesus and roll in discord or a thread. Either way, wins and losses count toward your achievements.


Healthy Adult
70 HP
Injured or 1
55 HP
Pregnant or Old
50 HP


THREAD: If you are rolling in a thread, just include [roll=combat] at the top of your post and be sure to track your HP. Feel free to consult staff if you need help. Posts in a fight have a 50 word minimum.

DISCORD: If you elect to bow at RNJesus' altar, inform a staff member. A channel, often called a "raid channel", will be set up for you in the discord. At the start, you and your partner both roll out of 10. The one with the highest number goes first.
When it is your turn, write a brief 1-2 sentence description of how your character intends to attack. Roll out of 20. The number rolled is the amount of damage dealt—with two exceptions. If you roll a 1, it is a critical failure and you take 3 damage. If you roll a 20, it is a critical hit and you deal 25 damage.


(optional) You and your RP partner can elect to incur risks which are permanent injuries. If you are just sparring you do not need to keep track of HP or follow these rules.
  • 0 HP — your character is on the threshold of death. You need to roll out of 10 and if you get 4 or higher your character survives. Otherwise, your character succumbs to their injuries and dies. Your character carries a chronic condition from then on.
  • 1 to 5 HP — At 5 HP or less, your character will carry a chronic condition of your choice. This condition can be visible (e.g. losing an eye) or internal (e.g. loss of pain sensitivity). Your character will always be in the injured category for all future battles
  • 6 to10 HP — Your character carries a permanent scar

  • Your character may flee battle at any time, and if the battle is a spar, we suggest that you pick a "winning HP" above 0. For example: First to 30 HP loses. Characters risk death at 25 HP so be careful out there.

    Guild Benefits

  • College of Eolas — +5 HP at the start of battle.
  • Commonwealth — Can't take extra damage from critical hits or critical failures
  • Imperial Army — Add 5 damage to any one roll that isn't a critical hit (20)
  • Thieves' Guild — Roll advantage once (roll twice and take the highest)
  • Jacobian Army — Can halve the rolled damage taken once per raid
  • Court

    In Rionnach and Saora, wolves can take each other to court in order to settle legal disputes.
  • In Rionnach, court filing happens in the local townhouses for smaller towns and in the large, imposing courthouse when in Rionna (Castle Stuart)
  • In Saora, court filing happens by going to the clan chief of the wolf you have a dispute with. If the wolf belongs to no clan, then you go to the dominant clan in the respective town.
  • Note: Saora allows trial by duel to settle disputes. Duels must be agreed upon by both parties, but rejecting a duel comes with immense shame.

    Court takes place as an argument in 3 stages with a bonus +20 points awarded to whoever the jury (a random selection of 5 wolves on-site) believes to be innocent. Most points wins.

    How to file: The plaintiff files in the #court channel in the discord. Staff will respond if the case is taken. All cases are taken if the plaintiff's case indicates that the defendant committed an illegal action. If you are filing for a duel, a channel will be made and the defendant will be asked to respond in the thread. If the response is yes, the duel will take place like any other 1v1 duel.
    Legal representation: Once a case is taken, both the plaintiff and defendant must seek a lawyer or otherwise defend themselves in court. Having legal representation benefits your case by giving you the opportunity to persuade the jury more.

    Below is the ranking system of lawyers. All scales are purchasable in the Market. Note: Wolves that have these scales but are not actively practicing law get a -5 reduction on their roll value.

    Gold Scales
    A lawyer holding Gold Scales, a reward gifted to the most prestigous lawyers in the country, is able to roll a d40 when making their arguments in court.
    Silver Scales
    A lawyer holding Silver Scales, a reward gifted to a most impressive lawyer, is able to roll a d35 when making their arguments in court.
    Bronze Scales
    A lawyer holding Bronze Scales, a reward gifted to any promising lawyer, is able to roll a d30 when making their arguments in court.
    Any practicing lawyer that has yet to gain any acclaim is able to roll a d25 when making their arguments in court.
    Any wolf unable to hire a lawyer must represent themselves and roll a d20 when making their arguments in court. If the character is a lawyer themselves, they take a -5 penalty from their original roll amount. (Ex: A lawyer with Gold Scales would insteall roll a d35 if representing themselves)


    Rionnach: There are prisons beyond the primary dungeon in Rionna (Castle Stuart). Local prisons are for minor offenses while the dungeon is for acts of treason that concern the safety of the nation and the royal family.
    Saora: There is an open air, well-guarded primary dungeon as well as local prisons for common offenses. Individual clans vary in their treatment of prisoners.

    How to get imprisoned: Users can be imprisoned by an NPC or another user depending on what you and your RP partners discuss. Army wolves can purchase the right to make arrests as well—although these arrests do typically result in a court case and should be used responsibly.
    Where are the prisons?: For local and small-scale crimes, you just make a thread in a sub-board and indicate that your character is in prison. Users can join it to visit you in prison. The dungeons are special and have their own boards and most incarcerated there do not get visitation.

    Consequences: Wolves that are imprisoned may lose titles, scholarships, resources (food/medicines), land, or ranks.
    Branding (Rionnach only): Wolves imprisoned 3 times get bite marks in their cheek. Wolves imprisoned for heinous crimes such as treason, murder, sexual assault, etc. are branded with notched ears & the cheek bites

    Escaping: Any imprisoned wolf can roll to escape their prison sentence. In local prisons, you need to roll 15+ out of a d20. For the dungeon, you need to roll a 19+. Escaped wolves become wanted. Users can buy an Get Out of Jail Key to automatically escape.