sonder autumn 1710


Fae Magic Rionnach is a land steeped in mysticism, lore, and superstitions. While the Mainlanders typically do not subscribe to these beliefs, there have been unusual phenomena observed. Most importantly, some wolves do not appear to age between years while others even appear to become younger. While fae sightings are often disputed and regarded as false within most official courts, wolves have been noticing oddities like these more often. Now, breeding occurs all year even though, historically, wolves only bred in winter and could whelp in spring. None of the wolves know what to make of this and more will need to be revealed with time...

  • Age Distortion — In their birth season, wolves may age up naturally by 1 year, not age, or age down by 1 year. This mechanic exists to help users that go away for long periods reconnect with their characters. It "makes up for lost time" so to speak.
  • All Year Breeding — This is a new phenomenon as of 1710 IC and wolves are just now beginning to reckon with this sudden, unseasonable baby boom.


    There are random events of fae sightings that are derived primarily from Scottish, Irish, and Celtic mythology. Whether the wolves involved believe they have seen the fae or not is purely up to the characters. Cannonically, characters cannot prove the existence of the fae at this time.