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Hinterlands (currently unavailable)

While different packs have different customs, many wolves from the Hinterlands are known to be creative, friendly, and superstitious.

Depending on the needs of the pack, these wolves take on different roles. Many are hunters, healers, and gatherers because they do not have a whole nation to provide specialization.

Hinterlanders tend not to care who leads Rionnach so long as they're not conquered

Hinterlanders—known to them as the Éirish, hailing from Éireland—have long been cut off from Rionnach. However, due to some cultural similarities, it seems as though they had once broken bread with early Highlanders. Their language of Gaelic is distinctly similar, although the Scottish Gaelic has developed its own differences in time. While divergence has occurred, many in the Hinterlands are still strongly superstitious and hold widespread belief in the Fae. They have grown to find harmony with their island—after all, they had nowhere else to go if they ruined it. As such, rather than turning to war, the many clans and packs within the Hinterlands carved out their own small niches to occupy. It was far better than coming to blows and scorching the earth.

Due to having a more fragmented society, Hinterlanders often occupy more subsistence ranks within their packs. They are often hunters, gatherers, or healers, not salesmen, mercenaries, or lawyers. This is largely due to every member of their smaller pack having to occupy a role that keeps their family afloat. There's no nation-wide economy to allow such specialization—no colleges or armies. As such, there is a greater appreciation for the simpler things in life. Nonetheless, there are still a few books and crumbling structures which have exposed the people to mythologies of other lands.

However, even that can get dull. When the old, dilapidated ships started to groan, creak, and ease into the choppy waters, the coastal packs had stared dumbfounded. The Fae were at work again, that much was certain. Whether it was the naiads, sirens, or other monsters, they could not be sure. At first, the general thought was good-riddance. But then the ships came back, empty at first, and then carting strangers. Every morning, two ships would set out. Every evening, they would drift back, un-manned and un-crewed. Now, the natives of the Hinterlands must contend with new forces of change. Some change is palatable, good, even. Wolves can go to Rionnach to learn from the college or enlist or experience wonders unavailable in Éireland! But there are pressures too. Pressure to engage in a war that does not matter to them if only to avoid being conquered, and pressure to find space for all of these new visitors threatening to upset the Fae.

They are Hinterlanders now to the Rionnachians... and it is time they find their place in this world.

Common Features

Similar to Highlanders, wolves from the Hinterlands often have earthern and ember furs with an assortment of green and blue eyes. Piebald and merle wolves are common here as well, potentially from decades-old inbreeding sparking the mutation.