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Hardworking, Lowlanders are "people of the earth" so to speak. They're less absolute in their morality and have a tendency to maintain a position of neutrality.

Most Lowlanders find themselves cultivating gardens or seeking lives of medicine. A fair number become scholars as well.

A heterogeneous group, Lowlanders have no particular affiliation. Some relate to their Highlander kin, others have grown fond of the crown. Many see the value of a democracy.

Lowlanders have often been pulled in two disparate directions: English and Scottish. As the buffer between both, natives of the Lowlands have found the most success in appeasing each separately. Those closer to the Highlands adopted more spiritual roots, worship a greater power and beware of the Fae. Those closer to the Mainlands became more literal and willing to abandon common hunter-gatherer lives for militia work and what-not. All the while, they abstained from any staunch cultural choices themselves. A melting pot of sorts, they know some gaelic and some english.

The only thing that is truly Lowlander is a notion of change. Unlike a rock which stands in the ocean and gets eroded over time, a Lowlander lives like the waves and allows the tide to guide them. Definitively neutral, they are a meditative bunch that prefer to put their faith in that which never changes: nature. As such, many began to pursue the medicinal arts. What began as a casual hobby supported by fertile soil soon grew into an invaluable enterprise. When the Mainland attempted to conquer the north of Rionnach, Lowlanders began as neutral healers to help both parties. Then they splintered into two as they were forced to takes sides... and now they are friend to all and foe to none.

They appreciate life for its simple pleasures, really.

Common Features

Unlike the beautiful meadows in which they live, Lowlanders are often monochrome or simple in color. Smoke, Arctic, and Earthen palettes are most common. Eyes are often brown, yellow, orange, and/or gray. They tend to be tall and lanky. Most are bilingual in both gaelic and english.