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Packs (currently unavailable) Packs are most commonly found in the Hinterlands, as no nation has claimed dominion over the whole of the island. However, in the political fall-out within Rionnach, some smaller packs or clans may have gotten footholds sure enough to claim land. Within a pack, the wolves follow their own laws as dictated by their leaders and do not engage in the guild system, as they forfeit their citizenship to Rionnach—or never had it to begin with.


Disbanding:Packs disband when there are no active users to run them or there are fewer than 5 members. In other words, a pack disbands if all members of a pack go offscreen or if the 5th member leaves (offscreen doesn't count as we allow them to exist as NPCs). A pack can also disband due to IC forces, such as all wolves leaving.
Land Ownership: A land can hold up to 2 packs at a time. Each pack has a sub-board of their own and do not have control over the entirety of the land.
Note: In the event of a dispute over pack lands, staff will help mediate

Pack Benefits

Events: Similar to guild events the staff put on for Rionnach citizens, packs can have their own events that may or may not have political ramifications. This could include holding balls, attempting to refuse foreigners on their land, waging wars, etc.
Custom Bonus: Pack leaders can choose one of the following benefits to offer their members:
  • 4 possible pups in breeding
  • +5 health in combat
  • Ability to tame animals with 1 less success than is required
  • Formation Requirements

    Heads of House: These wolves are the leaders or "alphas" of the house and may have any title that they so prefer. The only requirement is that they have 30 posts each.
    Members: Members of the house need to have 10 posts each.
    Total Wolves: — The house needs a total of 5 wolves. This can be split in any way that you so choose (IE: 2 leaders, 3 members. 3 leaders, 2 members, etc.). Once you meet this requirement, go to the discord and post in #updates.

    Pack Pages

    Pack pages are maintained on the discord in the #packs channel. Each pack has a thread of its own.