sonder summer 1710


Politics & Important NPCs

Political Parties

Maintain King Adamh's Reign for he is the true king
Oust King Adamh and annoint the exiled Prince Jacob
Listen to the voices of the people and bring about democracy

Order • Scientific Discovery • Parliamentary-Monarchy with socialistic programs

Supporters of the Royalists acknowledge that order is difficult to achieve and that destroying the system to build a better one will often harm those that you’re trying to protect. All dreams and governmental systems stand upon the broken backs of the poor no matter how much you try to claim otherwise. As such, royalists are adherent to the laws of Rionnach and push for change within the existent system.

  • They want to bolster economic participation from the Highlanders (as well as reduce useless superstitions in the country) and truly march toward unification. This would help reduce wealth disparities across the country
  • They want to invest in the Imperial Army and College and continue to offer healthcare and medical services for free
  • They appreciate King Adamh and his love of the arts, often valuing the royal family and the symbol of love and warmth that they are. While Queen Aileen projected more strength, they wish to move away from the time of rebellions and suffering and instead find stability.

  • Freedom • Parliamentary Overhaul • Parliamentary-Monarchy but with more power to the Mayors and Clan Chiefs

    Supporters of the Jacobites believe that the throne was stolen from Queen Aileen and her son, Prince Jacob, the rightful heir. They see the existent parliament as the problem more so than Adamh and believe (rightfully so) that parliament used Aileen’s divorce to oust her and install a more gullible, impressionable King. Now, there are no Highlander voices in court despite this being one of the tenants of the original unification contract.

  • Prince Jacob wishes to bring Highlander customs back to Rionnach so that his people cease to be treated like “overly-superstitious wildlings that need to be reformed”.
  • Jacob wishes to focus on promoting religious freedom, marital freedom (abolishing the law against divorce), as well as adjusting required taxes to the crown.
  • Jacob believes that finances should be managed by smaller leaders (such as by the Mayors or Clan Chieftains) and that it’s the responsibility of those elected to pay what is due to sustain the country army. Medical care and education would also be the responsibility of each town, giving more power to the people to have a system that works for them in their communities.

  • Representation • Equality • ???

    Members of the Voxi don’t necessarily hate King Adamh or Prince Jacob, but they acknowledge that having the country be (at least partially) at the whim of a King or Queen born of royal blood is imprudent at best. Voice promotes equality and unification of a different king, a governmental system where all voices are heard equally. There is one criticism that the visionaries must face, however: what, pray tell, will this new government look like? Because no one can agree, the Voxi party is often viewed as the most radical and the most chaotic. Voice attempts to assure her supporters that if they all work together with kindness and warmth in mind, they will find the perfect system.

  • Voice wishes to abolish the monarchy and restructure the parliament to feature representation from each of the three main regions (mainland, highland, lowland).
  • Voice intends to put a limit on the amount of wealth that can be accrued by an individual so that education can be free as well
  • The rest is lost in the sea of voices that the Voxi represent, but perhaps some level of institutionalized voting can help steer the Voxi toward a more definitive proposal of this new government.
  • Important NPCs

    The following are all royals embroiled in this game of thrones. All important figures within the court are NPCs with defined personalities. The site-wide plot (SWP) revolves around who claims the throne and every choice you make will impact the events that unfold. Three years of content have already been developped along with branching paths to accomodate the successes and failures of each political party as they try to make a grab for the crown.

    Queen Aileen

    Known for being both stern and fair, Aileen was—and is—a popular matriarch. Though a tad humorless, she always oversaw a forum of both nobles and commoners. A champion of the working class, she has always been a favorite of the peasants and soldiers. Unfortunately, this caused her to be seen as an anomaly at court. Nobles and merchants found her obstinate when faced with their interests and therefore conspired to turn the tides against her. When she sought her divorce, they leaped at the chance to oust her from her throne, an insult that Aileen will never forget. After failing in her attempted rebellion, she has fallen quiet and none have seen her since.

    The story begins with Aileene in exile for the last two years. In Highlander tradition, she could seek a divorce. In Mainlander tradition, she could not. She used her power as queen to seek an annulment of the marriage under highlander tradition—which opened a loophole for powerful members of the parliament to accuse her of showing favoritism and negating the values of the treaty. After 1 years in exile, she gathered up an army from the Highlanders and Lowlanders. Their rebellion ended in flames. A russet woman with green eyes. Iron-handed, Bold, Borderline Arrogant, Fair
    Prince Jacob

    As a boy, Jacob was known for his strong spirit and seemingly blithe personality. Charming and athletic, he appeared to have all of the skills of a desirable crown prince. He took after his mother and was closer with her than his aging father, King Elijah. Though the boy was not keen on enduring all of his lessons, he was preciously attached to the title of "King" which was his birthright... until his mother sought a divorce and was accused of treason. One night he was playfighting with other noble sons, the next he was on the run and hurrying to foreign territory. He became a bitter boy, one prone to violence, and he grew into a bitter man. Jacob has a fiery temper and a merciless sense of justice.

    The story begins with Jacob exiled and living, secretly, within an undisclosed location in the outerlands. He believes that he is the rightful heir to the throne and that his mother’s sister, Daphne (who changed her name upon marriage to her husband Adamh) is an imposter and a deviant. After 2 bitter years spent enduring failure, Jacob is mounting forces to take back the throne. A man of gold and cream fur with yellow eyes. Volatile disposition, rash but bold, strong motivational speaker

    King Adamh

    A noble man, son of one of the officials in parliament, that sought to practice law. He grew up in the mainland and attended private studies as do most aristocratic children. The thought of becoming king never occurred to him, much less under the pretenses upon which he suddenly found himself standing. Aileen's exile suddenly thrust succession on her unsuspecting sister, and Daphne had been the object of his fancy for little over a year at that point. His proposal had been accepted, their engagement announced, when his betrothed was thrust into the throne. He was accepted as the new king with little complaint. After all, most members of parliament thought he would be easily coerced and controlled.

    The story begins with Adamh on the throne. He is wary of the state of the union but believes that, despite the rocky start to his rule, that he can find peace. He would have offered that Aileene and Jacob stay within the court but was advised to send them into exile. He loves his wife, Daphne, but is being pressured to find a consort and a “more suitable bride.” A coastal man with blue eyes. Kind, lover of the arts and sciences, a tad impressionable
    Queen Daphne

    Unlike her sister, Daphne has never been fond of war or battle or grime or dirt. She much preferred to stay within the safety of home and watch the flowers grow. While she is not one to lift a hand to hurt another, nor is she too terribly eager to help. Her ideal is a peaceful day in which nothing more exciting happens than a hummingbird's appearance in her garden. As such, Daphne has a habit of taking the side of least resistance. After the treaty, she went to live with her sister in Castle Stuart. It was too exhausting to field the glances of wary Mainlanders, so she changed her name and converted to their culture. She was against Aileen's divorce from the start, but of course her fiery sister would never listen. Now, Daphne is the Queen... though to be honest, she hates the role. Public speaking makes her squeamish and she avoids most royal affairs.

    The story begins with Daphne as the current owner of the throne, albeit in the more diminutive sense as her husband, Adamh, conducts most policy arrangements. Once had a Highlander name but, embarrassed by her culture, she switched her name to Daphne which allowed her to court a handsome and powerful husband. She has had trouble conceiving and has heard rumors that Adamh may be considering a consort. A woman with rich brown fur and blue eyes. Materialistic, Opportunistic, Fanciful, Hopeless Romantic
    Princess Mhairi

    The only child born to Daphne and Adamh, Mhairi has been cherished and loved since her very first breath. She has long been regarded as a testament of the royal family's good fortune and, as a result, has a similarly optimistic view of the future. While she does appreciate beauty and is a pacifist like her mother, she has her father's analytical mind and eager-to-please spirit. As such, she has taken on her duties as princess with gusto. Still, she does occasionally tire from the pressure of being the nation's future. Parliament places a great deal of pressure upon her slender shoulders—shoulders that seem far too slender given her alleged age of two. In truth, Mhairi boasts the youthfulness of a yearling.

    Mhairi has started taking lessons with Professor Arythmetik in preparation of her role and has gained a strong appreciation for Queen Aileen's rule. This information had long been left out of her oral histories, and Mhairi now feels a strong sense of empathy for her aunt. And... would it truly be so bad if the stolen throne was returned? She could continue to live with her mother and father in peace... A young woman with coastal fur and blue eyes. Optimistic, Kind, Honest, Creative


    Lord of the flies, prophet of the pillagers, royal of the local riffraff. He, or she, or they, serves as the undisputed leader of the Thieves' Guild. Though few know of their identity, Rook's word is always enacted swiftly and without fault. Or, at least, those that err quickly go missing. None know of Rook's true motivations and few are ever likely to learn the truth. Do they support the king? A different ruler? A figurehead that is incapable of cracking down on the crime which Rook avidly orchestrates? It is hard to say, and those that speculate often misplace their tongues. A shame really, Rook would be most interesting to have over for dinner. One thing is for certain though: whether a monstrous mob boss or a Puck-like imp, Rook is a little shit.

    The story begins with Rook having fallen silent since the last rebellion.

    Killed in Spring, 1710 by Prince Jacob — Revealed to be Parliament member Cassian Rona. This leaves the Thieves' Guild without its shadowy leader, causing respective crime lords to gain more autonomy and less unity.

    A new shadowy figure within this political quagmire. Though none know of her, she is adept at spreading her views via word of mouth. Most popular with teachers and nurses, Voice advocates for free speech and democracy. She preaches that all within Rionnach are sisters and brothers and that every voice is equal. Leaving politics up to blood—or chance as she calls it—is foolish when so many lives are at stake. Though few are willing to admit that they agree with her unorthodox ideas, it's starting to seep into the fabric of Rionnachian society and take root.

    She appeared soon after the dust settled on Aileen's failed rebellion. Tales spread of how Aileen, while a good ruler, wasted precious life on a useless crown. Adamh's fitness was questioned, yet out of sympathy for the role forced upon him. Could we not be free of the crown? She asked this question and more. Leader of the Voxi party, Voice is advocating for change by starting with hearts and minds.