With the snows came a rush of positive sentiment toward the crown. The throne serves as a beacon of stability, shining against the chaotic darkness of winter's uncertainty. King Adamh issues a decree that a banquet will be held later within the season. This choice is controversial at best, and it is the talk of every small town. Isn't a banquet wasteful? Indeed... but isn't it also fun? For now, the public seems endeared by this idea. Of course... you could change that.

Breeding Season [7/23 - 9/30] - Read more here and here x

EVENT: King Adamh's Birthday! Search the board for flowers to give to your friends/lovers in order to write in the King's Garden x

EVENT: The WINTER BALL has begun! Must purchase a ticket from the market to enter! x

The Crownlands

a kingdom of godless men

a land of milk and honey

to all the nobles who grow cold

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