Caspian Seafarer played by claerie
Highlander Commonwealth Fisherman Jacobite
3 Years
Nearly the spitting image of his father, Caspian stole the classic timber markings from his father. A true pirate at heart, the young man had smuggled the black-blue cloak and silvery unders without the intention of giving them back. From his mother, he looted precious emeralds. His eyes are seafoam green and oh-so bright with a lazy mischief. They match a similarly disarming smile and a way of walking that seems to match the chaotic abandon of a tempest.
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attracted to: Females
scent: Sea Salt
Free Spirited
"Ah... your emotions are showing. You might want to cover those up."

Although I would not characterize Caspian as fundamentally disloyal, he does lack commitment when the going gets tough. He's an easy friend and a sweet summer child, one that will happily stare into the eye of an ocean storm but will quickly abandon ship when a wolf cries. Tears are the enemy of joy, of ease, of an afternoon spent without worries or concerns. As such, he is no rock that a wayward soul should tether themselves to. If anything, he is a floating bottle, seeking stories and a moment's relaxation before floating away once more.

This description may paint Caspian as needlessly cold but, in truth, he is warm and free spirited. He brightens any room he enters and has a soft spot for children and their naïve hopes and dreams. He appreciates fantasy and theatrics, often longing for nothing more than a little escapism and magical realism.

He is a kind boy but a fickle one and has been known to self-sabotage from time to time. He feels his own emotions so intensely that he has learned to merely bottle them up and throw away the key.
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His father was a vagrant that found work in Aberdeen, and his mother was the daughter of a famous naval officer. Although the Imperial Army has no true navy, they do station a handful of wolves at the shores to watch for storms and evacuate residents when needed. Cailan, with his eagerness to learn and own aptitude for understanding the ocean, had quickly garnered the old man's favor. Not enough to earn his daughter's hand, mind you, but enough to keep around.

As such, a slow burn blossomed between the two. They were enemies, then respected peers, then friends, then lovers. After the old man passed and rebellion broke out, there were no more soldiers to replace him in Aberdeen. Cailan took over the role of watching over the people and even helped out in stopping a skirmish or two. When he accidentally killed an Imperial soldier, he was struck with an impossible decision. Stay, risking his family? Or leave... risking his family? Both his presence and his absence could mark the worst for Aigean and their two young pups.

She threatened to follow him through the sea and straights of the world if he left, and so he stayed. Only to mysteriously disappear after being dragged off by Imperial soldiers during the throes of a storm.

His body was never found and that fact dwells heavily on the family.
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parents Cailan (M) x Aigéan Seafarer (F)
siblings Black Seafarer (F)
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