nathair detherage-salvatoré played by evan
Mainlander Thieves' Guild ruffian Jacobite
told me I'm both kinds of wasted

washed with violence and death, a vision of the grim reaper in mortal form. a sleek coat of sweat and blood. it's hard to tell with the red in his fur, intertwining as a living thing within his pelt. it is apart of him, fire and rage, blended in a overcoat of black. the inky essence trickles over his body, red fighting tooth and nail to keep his bloodied paws red. he's in-tune, a large creature of muscle and mass, proving to be able to put the bite behind his not-so-quiet bark. after mornings spent of crocodile wrestling and finding ways to climb to the heights of trees, he's an athletic man, able to take down two men at once if he needs. subtle scars litter him, fur regrown over them for the most part. not that the man really lets anyone get close to him, unless, they are already locked in the heat of battle.
code by violetta + art by emptyrivers.
attracted to: All
scent: decaying plants and wood
like this, self-deprecation that i'm swimming in

there is only one mindset that the young viper lives within; take before it gets taken from you. the beast is most commonly very selfish and greedy; only taking for himself. avaricious and fearful he will end up with nothing if he doesn’t take whilst he can. if he thinks he can pin a crime on an unsuspecting victim or get away with something, he will always take the chance to do so. the ice prince relies on his weight and size to persuade others into doing what he wants. he’s learned from the best, and knows how to work the scene, how to be charming when he needs to and brutish if the situation turns rough. fitness is the key to keeping his body in pristine shape. one of his hobbies is lurking around and starting brawls to see if he can win or crocodile hunting. during those times he’s “working out”, it’s an easy excuse to slip away to talk in secret, or a great alibi when an accident happens. the sly wolf has a tendency to hoard secrets and use them against others, waging them as one of the most valuable things. whether it’s power or just to cause chaos in the world, is unknown. he’s insatiable and rowdy, a crowd-pleaser when rooting for mayhem. toughened by his own ego and suave will.
code by violetta.
this candle's burning at both ends

coming soon to a profile near you.
code by violetta.
parents leviathan salvatore x amelia detherage
lover ...
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the player
pronouns he/him
birthday january twenty-eighth
contact pm