Leviathan Salvatoré played by Raven
Mainlander Thieves' Guild Captain Undecided
Extra Large

A large, hulking beast of a man. Draped in the finest ebon and dusted in powered ice. He is majestic, domineering and laced with a signature smirk that makes the finer sex fall to their knees. His gait is eloquent, befitting for that of a proud King. Muscles define him under a pelt that is sleek and smooth to the touch.

His accent is a smooth, deep baritone. British, with a slight common twang. Dark Captain Hook Is his voice claim. As he ages, perhaps glimmers of grey will show around eyes of ice, but the same ebon' cloak of his linage, distinct to his line; remains.

attracted to: All
scent: Salt & Pine

He is a proud man, oh so proud. Coming from a historic Lineage that has been in effect for over a decade; it is said that ice, pure and perfect runs through his veins. A Prince borne for a throne that was tragically stolen from him. Leviathan is an ambitious soul, unwilling to rest until he has his icy throne claimed. He is a man of a cold and brutal nature; seeming to not care for much but his own glory and ascension (and his bloodline) but has been proved wrong in the past. However, sarcasm laces almost every word. He has a dry sense of humour and likes to toy with those of lesser minds. He takes what he wants, when he wants. He is theatrical, dramatic, almost with a queer sense. Yet he is bold and boisterous and has only been proven to bow before one wolf.

Long and tragic....
parents Ketséah x Tamaska Salvatoré
siblings Unknown
children Nathair Detherage-Salvatoré

, Sorina Saxe-Salvatoré, Iarna Saxe-Salvatoré

Scars on the left side of muzzle from Nassar Tiamat.

the player
pronouns She/Her
birthday 2nd April
contact pm