Bambi LoVita played by raja.
Highlander College of Eòlas Herbalist Undecided
A multitude of greys and a single red clay brown. She can't remember if she was born with the brown in her hair if she has stained it over time in her gathering of herbs (she was born with it). She is a very tall and thin individual. Standing at 36 inches and weighing a measly 110 lbs. You can see her ribs if you look close enough. Her eyes are the color of bitten peach, although she's never had the luxury to compare. Basil is one of her favorite herbs as well as aloe vera, she gathers both any time she has the opportunity to and the scent has come to lay thickly into her fur and skin along with whatever else she is carrying with her.
attracted to: All
scent: Basil and aloe vera + herbs
she isnt kind, believing such a thing to only be a lie. It's always given with expectations. expectations she never plans to fulfill. Her pride is her own, carved into her skin by none other than herself, she won't allow anyone a chance to take it away from her. It's twisted and defined in her own eyes, nothing she does can take it away. it's mine. she'd seeth. Petty and spiteful, she'll fight until she starves, clawing, biting, pulling herself in denial and retribution. Metaphorical or physical is nothing more than a detail. She's careful in her craft, if you know how to heal someone then you'll know how to kill them too. Though, usually, its bittersweet care she gives, cold and resolute as she applies salves and stitches wounds, a muttered curse slipping between her lips. She's a witch who'll bite and pour alcohol without warning, demanding silence in return. A fool she'll call you for playing with the divine and unknowns. Hissing like a cat when asked about fae and beings alike, matters that shouldn't be touched upon.
Born and raised in the highlands, dedicated all of her childhood to herbology after losing both her mothers' to illness very young. Grew up largely alone, venturing closely to fae territory for herbs and other items. She's made it a habit to give a curt thank you any time she takes a herb. Regardless of where it's gathered.
parents ♀ Delia + Rosalie ♀
lover n/a
children n/a


the player
pronouns she/they/him
birthday December 29th
contact pm