sonder autumn 1710
Spring 1703
7 years old
College of Eòlas
Deceased as of Summer, 1710
Kylar is the picture of rugged domestication. Her tan fur is often studded by clumps of dirt and stained with her mud. Rich, brown cloaks the back of her neck and runs along her spine before melting into the soft dandelion fluff along her shoulders, legs, and belly. A simple woman, she must take her adornments from nature: stray twigs that get tangled in her tail fur or leaves that get wedged between her toes. Such is the life of a gardener trying to make her way in Rionnach. At least her nose is chocolate and her muzzle is black—this way they can never get dirty! Ah, and the same goes for her eyes (unless she is looking at her wife, wink wonk). Those ruby red lookers are often searching for her young children or her lovely Nephele.
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fur palette
eye colour
Poppyseed and Mint
At last, Kylar seems to have finally grown. She's tired of chasing after foolhardy dreams, especially on three good legs and one crippled one. For the longest time, she wanted to be a knight that greeted each morning with bruises, a hungry belly, and a heart yearning to help others. Failure after failure, she steadily began to realize that her truth was not one that could be conformed to others. She didn't need the external validation that came from being a "knight" with her sword and shield and suit of armor. In truth, she helped far more people by being kind, empathetic, and simply being there for them.

It took nearly five years, but Kylar has finally given up her childish desire to fight monsters. Instead, she has spent the last year cultivating her love of plants. She adores how they grow despite harsh weather and crisp winters and, more than anything, Kylar takes pride in nurturing the vulnerable. This woman has a big heart and is charitable, willing to take the coat off of her back and wrap a stranger up in it. That said, she hasn't lost all of her archetypical self-righteousness or protectiveness. Kylar is still a tad suspicious at heart and it can be difficult to earn her trust. But, given some time, she blossoms like a sunflower in summer.
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Lawful Good
herbs, good growing soil
attracted to
After a tragic incident caused by her brother, the prodigal daughter was transformed into a cripple. Though her injury is invisible, she struggles to put weight into her right foreleg. This causes her to have a hobble to her gait, something that has impacted her ability to live sustainably by herself. As such, Kylar had grown used to being a burden as a young girl. This ate at her sense of confidence, especially when her friends were forced to help care for her.

Eventually, Kylar found a small familial pack that took her in. For the months that she was there, Kylar had never been happier. It seemed like she would finally get to live out her dream as a guard patrolling the borders and giving back to everyone that kept her safe. Unfortunately, such sweet months drew to a close. Strangers moved in, sentiments shifted. Attitudes toward the unfortunate shifted until those that chose not to step in line were no longer welcomed. The strong dominated the ranks of power and that left her... empty handed. Though she had imagined herself in an immovable position, untouchable by change, she had been the weakest of them all.

So she left.

Kylar struggled as a vagabond for a time until she found her wife. By complete accident, she met a woman on the beach. She was sweet and kind and anxious and cheerful and so... so... beautiful. Kylar has never forgotten the way she felt when Nephele was almost swallowed by the waves only to pop up, sputtering and giggling. Perhaps it was in that moment that her heart had been stolen.

Such began a soft and slow courtship, one that built both women up until they were capable of giving the love that the other deserved.

As tensions rose with Kylar's previous faction, the pair fled to Rionnach where they set down tentative roots. Nephele began learning medicine in the College and Kylar puttered around before committing to herbology (a passion she had found by happenstance while trying to repair the redwood in her old home). Life was idyllic until the war broke out. Firmly neutral, Kylar and Nephele tried to help any wounded soul that came to their doorstep. This included three abandoned pups that had been left, crying for milk and heartbroken, in their garden patch. Needless to say, they took in the little ones and adopted them as their own.

And now they are a family of five:

Luca, Willa, Anthe, Nephele, and Kylar.
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Sora Fritz & Holly Fritz
Lucien Fritz
Nephele Fritz
Luca, Willow, & Anthe Fritz
Rowan (grandchild)



Fractured right foreleg (invisible illness)