Xandria Tiamat played by Pixel
Mainlander Imperial Army Lieutenant Voxi

Eyes of liquid gold hold the fire of a warrior. Her coat is earthen with touches of flame. A darker shade of brown with lighter hints of russet. Black covers her muzzles, cheeks, undersides, tail tip and half of her legs eventually reaching over her shoulders where light tan streaks across her back and faintly flecks it. Tan covers the undersides of her thighs, legs and the half way up her chest. The inside of her ears are also tan and around her bright gaze, dots of tan paint her brow and line the underside of her eyes.
attracted to: Males
scent: Jasmine
A daughter of fire and war. The blood of a noble pedigree flowing through her veins instils in her with a great sense of responsibility and pride. She wears her ambition like a crown, boldly chasing her dreams and echoing her mother's footsteps. Beneath the armour of the warrior is a fiery core. She burns too hot to be touched. Her flames are her shield, a wall of fire to protect her heart.
Xandria was conceived from the dying embers of Nassar and Kohl's marriage. A joyous and hopeful event for her mother, two precious newborns to reignite the flames of passion between husband and wife in the year of 1706. It was not to be. Kohl regarded his new children with the same detachment as their first litter. Within her first few months she learned not to pester her father who shooed her away and claimed to be busy. The rejection stung, but she drew strength and independence from his absence. It bonded her with her mother and she found comfort in her unconditional love. Little Xandria spent her days pestering her mother for war stories instead of fairy tales and playing soldiers with Sethos. She couldn't wait to grow up and be in the army like her family.

Once her first birthday arrived she enlisted as a cadet. Her family name was well known within the ranks of the army and high expectations were placed on the young recruit. She worked hard to make a name for herself, tired of being seen as just Nassar's daughter and Cairo's little sister. Her first time on the battlefield came when war broke out in Rionnach. She was coming back from a skirmish when word of her father's death reached her from the beak of a crow, a message dispatched from her widowed mother. The distant father she had grown to love and respect was gone and with it the chance to truly know the man behind those cold yellow eyes.

parents Nassar Tiamat & Kohl Tiamat
siblings Cairo Tiamat, Ahkoris Tiamat & Sethos Tiamat
lover None
children None
extended All Tiamats


the player
pronouns She/Her
birthday July 11th
contact pm