sonder autumn 1710
Spring 1703
6 years old
Imperial Army
Deceased as of Autumn, 1710
No debutante, no princess, no lady-in-waiting.
No silk, no velvet, no diamonds, no rouge.

Nassar is a daughter of Amazonian blood and she makes good on the bones and body that her ancestors bestowed upon her. She trains meticulously, mindful the endurance and strength that she has yet to fully master. Corded muscle runs beneath her pelt of tan, cream, and russet. Splashes of gray are like pieces of armor shed still clinging to her skin during battle, tied with leather and glistening with sweat and spittle. Theatrics aside, she is a medium-sized she-wolf with amber eyes that often carry a stern, fierce glint. She has worked off the baby weight and few would tell by looking at her that she has birthed two litters. Her gait is quick and confident and one should not linger too close to her muzzle (lest she were to bite).

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Pine & Cinnamon
Nassar is conflicted at best, torn between her heart (which is surprisingly soft) and her sense of duty (which puts steel to shame in its rigidity). She is both fair and, in many ways, greedy. Nassar wants to be respected, obediently listened to, and yet rebels against authority when its shackles cinch around her wrists. She wants to uphold all of Tiamat culture and aggressively protect the military, and yet she wavers when faced with starving Jacobites and crying mothers. At her core, Nassar wants to protect everyone -- but she can't, and that drives her into a mad frenzy when the match is struck just right.

Beyond these conflicts, Nassar truly does what she thinks is best. And therein lies the caveat: what she thinks is best. Others may very well not agree with her methods, and in fact, most find her to be too strict and uncompromising. Nonetheless, Nassar would not act on a decision unless she thought it was the most honorable course of action.

Rather than bow nicely to fate, she'll always grapple with it. She is a poster child for the old adage "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

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Lawful Good
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01. Nassar was born with two siblings to Ankh and Helios Tiamat. She was the largest of the three, dwarfing her sister and in neck-in-neck competition with her brother. Ankh was deeply pleased with the results and her husband, an admiral of the coasts, secretly coveted his son and worried for his daughters. Although he cherished Ankh's strength, he was unaccustomed to Tiamat tradition and the grueling pressure they placed on their girls. This was not his fault, however. Ankh had wanted a prestigious bedfellow with little awareness (and therefore little say). Needless to say, they divorced by the time Nassar and her siblings were 1.

02. Nassar never saw her father. He was stationed in Sussex attempting to sleuth out some members of the Thieves' Guild and she had been training in Yorkshire. Her grandmother passed on from a bout of pneumonia and Ankh became the reigning matriarch at the age of 3. She was as pleased as a Cheshire cat.

03. At the dawn of her second year, Nassar met Kohl and found a worthy competitor in him. Their rivalry soon blossomed into passionate romance. Ankh had warned Nassar not to have children too early for they could out-compete her ascension if she wasn't being careful, but alas, all of that passion turned into a litter of two pups. Ankh was furious, but quickly fell in love with her granddaughter Cairo. The matriarch never viewed Nassar quite the same again and has retained that distaste well into the present.

04. Kohl was an absent father at best. He knew of his children and checked in on them when necessary, but he was stiff and uncomfortable. If he could have sent them away to a boarding school and never seen them again, he would have. Nassar tried to keep their family together, to stitch that which had frayed, but he never developed much paternal affection. He would protect his son and daughter with his life, that Nassar knew, but he would never know them.

05. In an effort to try again and keep the family unit, Nassar fell pregnant again. This left a slight smear on her military record but she was rewarded with another boy and another girl that made up for it all. Xandria and Andras filled Nassar's heart with joy but Kohl felt (and showed) the same distance he had with the first litter. This time... it stung less. And that was because Nassar had, somewhere along the line, ceased to have expectations. Their passion shriveled up and the two sank into co-parenting. Kohl fulfilled his obligations and took the pups patrolling and brought them food three days out of the week. Nassar retained primary custody. The pair never divorced.

06. But Nassar was widowed. In the rebellion, Kohl was in the field with Cairo. They were attacked... Kohl was killed. The news did not make sense when it reached her a few days later down in Yorkshire. Her own campaign had been successful, impressively so... but that victory was hollow when it felt as though its price had been paid in Kohl's blood.

07. Her promotion to colonel was withdrawn so that she could cope with her grief. This only caused the opposite reaction and made her more violent and agitated. Now... we wait.

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Ankh Tiamat & Helios
Sinai & Khepri Tiamat
Kvothe Immortalis
Cairo, Ahkoris, Xandria, Sethos, Lyra, Bast
Nieces: Ismailia & Badari Tiamat, Sheik Asgaut Nephew: Haskell Asgaut Grandchildren: Mios & Miread Tiamat