Juniper played by Yahtzee
Lowlander Commonwealth Apprentice Undecided
Delicate and graceful, like a spring lilac in full bloom, she walks daintily, each paw placed in front of the other with coy resolution--while shy and accommodating, she harbors a natural elegance, even at her ripe age of one. Eyes, verdant like plush ferns, blink bashfully away, uncertain of the world around her, careful of what strangers might lurk in the darkness. Her coat shines, reflecting a perfect meld of earth and dreams, shades of russets and tawny copper in its depths. It is soft to the touch, flowing in the breeze, dusted with the fragrance of juniper and pine, a hint of citrus and rosewood.
attracted to: Undecided
scent: Juniper and pine, citrus and rosewood
She was quiet to begin with, studious and prone to long hours poring over problems with no solutions; after being kidnapped from her home, however, nearly buried alive, she grew even more timid. Time spent with her adoptive sister, Rhiannon, has improved her perspective on life--but she still remains cautious of strangers.
Born into a world in which literal shades of grey were of utmost import, Juniper was shunned by her pack and village, her vibrant coat of creams and russets, tawny cinnamon, a gleam as lustrous as polished copper, drawing far more negative attention to its beauty. They thought her a witch, a changeling, perhaps, a child that did not belong to this humble civilization. She was violently torn from her parents as a pup, taken away, and cast into a pit to be buried alive. But help came in the form of a traveling wolf. Her savior, Rhiannon, dug her out in time for her to draw a desperate breath--who knew how much longer she had before the reaper would claim her? Too frightened to return home, Juniper would follow Rhiannon for the remainder of her days, learning trades and secrets along the way.
parents Agave and Sycamore
lover ---
children ---


the player
pronouns She/her
birthday August 10th
contact pm