sonder spring 1710
birth season
birth year
4 years old
College of Eòlas
wanted for
Escaping Dungeon, Avoiding Enlisting
Nimue is of a large build, though her size comes with her long lanky legs and rather than a hefty physique, she is of an elegant figure. She holds herself confidently, yet with a lax stance. Her outward demeanor is rather stand-offish accompanied by ocean eyes resembling the coldest uncharted deep unknown of the sea.

Her coat is a medley of earth tones with blonde highlights that appear when the sun kisses or the moon casts its gentle beam upon her lithe frame. Darker undertones aid in cover by nightfall which is when Nimue finds it far easiest to decompress and withdraw into her own sacred space in meditation. Her pelt is often quite sleek as she fines comfort in submersing herself in water and she detests the feeling of her fur being dry and brittle if there is an extended period of time between swims.

Even as she glares intensely, a perceptive soul would simply identify the cracks in her armor by the subtle glint of curiosity in those darkened storm blue irises. And if one does gain her trust and forms a closer relationship with her, they’ll discover that Nimue does remember how to smile after all.

fur palette
eye colour
Summer rain, honeysuckle, and jasmine

When once she was a gloomy gloomy little storm cloud among a group of friends, Nimue has evolved into a storm to be reckoned with. Queen of her own domain, she wears an air of confidence and a newfound playfulness. Nimue is observant, always calculating her next move before diving headfirst into an unknown situation. While she prefers to have time to analyze, she does harbor the skill of a quick wit to combat sudden shifts within an interaction, remaining cool and collected throughout. She’s inquisitive and is a lover of knowledge that she can find useful in in the mundane tasks of everyday life. There remains a void in her, always seeking to fill it, and perhaps that is why she resorts to her overly flirtatious nature, pushing buttons of others to gain a reaction for better or for worse.

Behind the walls she’s built and fortified, Nimue is a gentle spirit and sensitive to the energies around her, which can give her quirky tendencies. With others she is comfortable with, she is tactile, often unconsciously offering a subtle touch to calm or soothe. Her primary tick is seeing any form of water, be it a lake, stream, or the tiniest puddle and succumbing to the compulsive need to come into contact with it.

Whether its wading in it or dipping her paws. From time to time she will also use the water to trace a sigil over her heart. Nimue overall is very spiritually mysterious and tends to act in ways that one might consider odd, though her intention is overall is in favor of the well-being of those she holds dear and detrimental to any she considers an enemy.

Chaotic Good
attracted to
Nimue (nim-way) Tuonela (twa-nela) Ó Soarise (o seer-sha)
*Detailed History can be found in Nimue's Grimoire*

Nimue grew up a single child in a family of Royalists. She was raised to be nobility, but every Summer her mother took her to visit her aunt and the only family her mother had left. During those Summers was where she discovered magic, natural remedy, and where she honed her gift of a Shaman and practitioner of reiki – energy healing.

During the rest of the year, society attempted to shape her into her adolescence. Summers always brought light, but they too with age, brought shadow and grief. Nimue found out that her mother had a history of depression after being charmed into a loveless marriage with her father. She never got a chance to speak to her mother about it…she had taken her younger siblings to play by the river and this being a season of extremely heavy rains, the pups drowned in an unfortunate accident.

Nimue was made to believe the accident was her fault and was shamed for it, causing her anger and resentment towards her father and the rest of her paternal family until she fled leaving a flood in her wake that drowned them all. The only one to have survived was her aunt who she went to live with until she could support herself. The traumatic events of her past shaped her into an empty shell of the girl she once was, her demeanor as cold and grim as the harsh reality the world thrust her into.

It is in her third year that she has decided she’s wishes to travel in hopes of a better future for herself in her next chapter.

(Mother) Máiréad (Ó Saorise) Gothraidh & (Father) Anders Gothraidh
Braon Gothraidh (Deceased), Lyra Gothraidh (Deceased), Rose Gothraidh (Deceased)
Caiomhe Ó Saoirse (Aunt), Maeve Ó Saoirse (Cousin)



Scar across her muzzle from the Violent Protest of 1710