sonder summer 1710
Spring 1707
3 years old
Wanted for Escaping Jail

The young adult's form is lithe, appearing graceful in its design, thus hiding a lingering propensity for clumsiness, a remnant of her puphood. Her tri-color coat consists of three distinct hues: snow white, gentle tan, and bold ebony, a mixture concocted by nature with ivory and black streaks. Willow makes attempt to keep her silky fur neat and clean, but it seems an impossible task, since she is so often out in nature -- a stray leaf here, a sprig of thyme there, a smudge of dirt from the garden on a pale cheek. Thus, she may have a wild look about her, and her bright yellow-green eyes display her enthusiasm for the world to see. Her facade usually bears a smile, especially around her family, friends, or in a brand new place to explore. Because of her near-constant activity, she is athletic and wiry.
fur palette
eye colour
Rosemary and sage

Willow is very observant of the wolves and other creatures she encounters. She will make friends easily with those who desire it. With those to whom she is close, the girl is very affectionate. Outgoing and full of energy, Willow loves to play and explore. The traumas she faced in her earliest weeks have mostly faded away. As such, Willow could be naive about the ways of the world beyond the safety of her home.

Willow possesses a keen sense of "right" and "wrong:” she has a voice and a strong will, not afraid to speak up when she feels it is necessary, especially when it comes to those who are vulnerable or oppressed. She is highly protective of the well-being of those around her.

Willow loves to learn. From herbs to the cosmos to lupine culture, she is a bright student and eager to know all the “why” and “how.” Interested in the arts and music, she can often be heard whistling or making up songs when she tends to the garden or wandering through forests. The wolfess is imaginative and creative, with a big heart.

Chaotic Good
attracted to
Three orphans, forgotten and certain to die without intervention. Three victims of the war, tiny and helpless. Willow was found along with sister Anthe and brother Luca in a garden, their survival ensured by two caring she-wolves. For her first two years, Willow lived in the Lowlands near the College of Eolas, where she made herself helpful by working in the garden and working at her mothers' clinic. She has had the guidance of two mothers: Nephele's gentleness, mixed with Kylar's righteous spirit and a lingering sense of adventure. In her memory, there were few spots of darkness -- the worst of it has faded with time and maternal care.

The family's path was altered during the great drought, a long and merciless summer. The garden dried, and Willow stood at the precipice of adulthood. During these trying times, she began to question her purpose. Why is she really here? Where did she come from? She was more prone to wandering following the disaster, though she remained a faithful student at the College.

After turning 2 years old, Willow began to focus on a healer's path, with a passion for helping mums and pups. She has started to roam the great island in search of others in need, while also meeting interesting wolves along the way. She is now accompanied by a tamed skunk she calls Herb. With adulthood came increased independence, and Willow was often away from home and from the College -- though not always alone. She met Gallagher at the College, and the two became fast friends. The two would travel Rionnach during breaks from school, but both were too shy to speak of their feelings.

Life changed forever when Willow attended a protest in the Mainlands. In an attempt to protect others, she became a fighter in the streets, taking down one the king's guards. The next weeks were spent in the dungeons before her mothers aided her escape. But Willow knew that she could not stay, that she would make her aging mothers vulnerable if she remained in the Lowlands, where she would be so easily found.

Willow spent one final night in the Lowlands with Gallagher, where both confessed their love for each other. After that fateful night of passion, Willow fled to the Highlands, only to discover that she was now pregnant...
Nephele + Kylar Fritz
Anthe & Luca Fritz
Rowan Breac-Fritz