Creature Salvitari played by Badman
Outlander Thieves' Guild Mercanary Undecided
5 Years
Extra Large
Creature is a large male with fur that seems to vary from dark onyx to a deep liver, contrasted by the faint sections of grey. These are contrasted with f the golden-crimson of his eyes. His most notable features are the slight extension to his canines and the 'ridge' which seems to appear when the fur along his spine bristles. He has a muscular build as well and sports numerous scars.
attracted to: Males
scent: Pine and Smoke
Little is known in regards to this male’s genuine personality, but much can be said about that which he presents. He has a tendency to formulate his own moral codex, as messed up as they may be, and can display a manipulative manner. Some say that this beast is dangerous, since he never reacts without great intent and much thought, as opposed to “snapping” or panic responses. This paired with his own brand of justice leads many to be weary of the Outlander, preferring to curse rather than bless his life. Creature projects a more empathetic side around others--like Satchel whom he openly lies to about his feelings.-- but any can see his psychopathic nature working underneath and in his total detachment from violent situations and results. [ex The Assassination Attempt of the King] Confidentiality protects him, and even if it didn’t, he could effectively protect himself and surely has the supreme confidence that he could if he wanted to. He’s not stupid enough to tell anyone the whole truth of his life, or he would have to get rid of them, and he finds some people useful. The moderate wolf (like most “sane” variations) will refrain from too much experimentation out of a moral conscience; Creature, as an extremist without any external moral guidance--he has his own set of polite rules and sticks to them-- isn’t afraid to act out on his curiosity, which is partly what makes him such a danger to those around him. Creature’s actions are done for three reasons: to corrupt others, to test others, and for his own amusement. While he does not enjoy being around people, he loves watching and eating people. The thing about this Beast that misleads people is that he’s just as fascinated with the sicker parts of humanity’s nature: cruelty, barbarism, responses to fear and pain. He is fascinated by life on the verge of death. He finds beauty in this. One highly irrational decision Creature makes consistently is to murder and consume others…because they are rude. There are tons of examples of his prioritizing feeling over thinking: his hypocrisy, the fact that he punishes others for their rudeness but not the people he likes, like Rhiannon (and himself) for their misdemeanors. Crete’s “eat the rude” belief system is very much an example of values based on a sense of how people ought to be treated. He has come to the conclusion that indulging in this pleasure is acceptable morally and even preferable to the alternative, which is to allow rude or banal individuals–people who detract from humanity as a whole, a very extroverted concept–to continue in their offenses. He makes things happen for people, and gets his best personal satisfaction from this. This wolf is unaware of his own needs, but he does prioritize what he believes are those he cares about's needs above them. Creature is more often honest than not, telling outright lies only when he has to.
parents Alukai Salvitari. [father, alive] Valak Halesaia. [mother, alive]
siblings Eleonora Salvitari. [younger sister, deceased]
lover He is disinterested in Romance.
children He has sired none.
extended Unknown.

This wolf bears scars from mutilation, cannibalism and unfortunate run-in's with the Royalists.

the player
pronouns He/Him or They/Them
birthday July 26th
contact pm