Ahkoris Tiamat played by Di
Mainlander Thieves' Guild Bodyguard
First Lieutenant
Ahkoris is draped in the colors of a traditional Tiamat, flushed with fire and warmth. His eyes are the color of sunset, reminiscent of dusk after sun. His body is that of a well-trained soldier. He is strong and sturdy, and his gait is quick and efficient.
attracted to: Females
scent: smoke and moss
Before the war, Ahkoris had been a militant and measured soul. He spoke little, but observed all. He had been second to his sister, Cairo, all of his life, and he had learned quickly that his path was to walk behind her, not in front. He had never quite minded, though. He knew the way of his family, and he did not love the spotlight as it was. He much preferred the role of protector. He was born with Tiamat loyalty in his blood, and it only increased in strength as he got older and joined the Imperial Army. There, he truly became a man, and grew cold and thoughtful, strategic, capable of eliminating emotions in the moment. He was an excellent soldier, through and through.

Post-War & Present:
Ahkoris is a skeleton of his former self. He is even colder, removed from the world. He speaks even less. He observes even more. His loyalty is only to the man that pays him, because it is all he can afford to do out o his own. He does, however, find empathy for the girls he protects. Though he remembers nothing of his life but his name, this innate sense of loyalty still lives in his blood.
Ahkoris is a military man, trained from a young age that his duty was to serve. In his family of Amazonian-style Tiamat women, men were always second-class, but he had known this his whole life and had adjusted easily. He was the hired sword and the shield in turn, whenever his sisters, mother, or grandmother required it. He had grown used to the shadows and had found passion in the protector role, the role that often stood to the side of the throne rather than sat atop it.

He had always been a serious child, keeping quiet and observing. Some compared him to his detached father, Kohl. It was meant as an insult, whispered in hushed voices, but Ahkoris had had trouble thinking of it that way. Even though his father had caused damage to their family, and even though he was absence, Ahkoris had always wondered -- wanted to know him better.

As was customary, he joined the Imperial Army when he came of age and proved to be a dutiful and regimented soldier. He followed orders and did as he was told. When the rebellion arrived, he fought alongside his sisters and his father. When Kohl died, however, Ahkoris did not know. During the rebellion and his fight as First Lieutenant, he was injured with a blow to the head. He was hauled off the battlefield and taken to an infirmary. From there, the path gets fuzzy, because Ahkoris Tiamat disappeared, and only Ahkoris remained.

When he awoke, he was in the Highlands, unknowingly having been transported to Inverness as the rebellion was quelled. He was unable to remember anything besides his first name. No memories were there to comfort him. He was unsure how much time had passed, and he could not reconcile the questions the orderlies asked him. Who are you? Where did you come from? He did not know. In the aftermath of the war, many wounded soldiers were shuffled around various medical camps and healing centers, and the Imperial Army was not able to keep track of those who fell off the beaten path. This healing facility in particular was not exclusive to army soldiers -- and no one came to claim him, and he did not know who he was, so the orderlies did not list him as such. Ahkoris was alone.

When he was discharged, he was thrown back into the world without an anchor. He had been a good, honest man before the war. But now, he was backed into a corner, forced to make a living how he could while he tried to piece his life back together. That is how he fell into the underbelly of Inverness: he was strong, and capable, and quite adept at being both the sword and the shield for young maidens whoring themselves out on the streets. Ahkoris replaced one military with another, and he assimilated.

Until his memories return to him, he forms new ones...

Former Rank: First Lieutenant
Former Guild: Imperial Army
Former Politics: Royalist
parents Nassar Tiamat x Kohl Tiamat
siblings Cairo, Xandria, Sethos
lover None
children None
extended Ankh (Grandmother), Khepri (Uncle), Ismailia (F) (Cousin), Minya (F) (Cousin), Badari (F) (Cousin)


the player
pronouns she/her
birthday July 2
contact pm