Mercury Metallia played by Sylvirr
Outlander Thieves' Guild Informant Voxi
IMAGE DOES NOT DENOTE SCARS. He tall, he dark, he got glasgow smile. He is tall and surprisingly lean. Not emaciated, but he has a wide chest with strong, broad shoulders and a smooth,slender frame with a neatly tucked undercarriage. His body screams elegance, and yet with it there is an ethereal quality. The majority of his body is smooth and silken, and the fur near iridescent with its sheen. He is lean but not thin--his frame is well built with a smooth muscle, and touching him, one would find he is, in fact, practically rock hard, despite his otherwise waif-like appearance. His entire body seems streamlined, with a long and elegant, slender face and muzzle with large but smooth ears. Even his features are both sharp and pointed, but angled and nearly smooth. Streamlined for cutting and slicing. He resembles a Saluki in many senses, primarily in build and the way he moves. As for coloration, he is primarily dark. And yet his shade of 'black' is closer to obsidian--an iridescent sheen seems to coat him, giving him the appearance of an oil slick--he may appear blue-black, or violet-black, or on strange occasions, even with a green sheen. There are softer, lighter shades of charcoal, ash and smoke, all tinted in that same hint of iridescent sheen. His limbs up to the highest joints are dipped in this lighter shade, and his forepaws are encrusted in a softer, paler shade of deep grey. The thick fur around his neck and down the top half of his spine is lightly frosted in a vibrant, shocking stark white, a silvery-sort of sheen that appears almost chromatic in the light, as if he has spent too long in the snow and his blackened form has become frosted, or touched with just a chill. His eyes are a mercurial silver--sclera-less and pupiless. He is, in fact, blind as a cave crawfish, and has been since birth. It's as if someone poured the liquid metal into the sockets of his skull and simply formed his nonfunctioning eyes from the balls of metal. Also, his dark face is covered in a deep pale grey mask, tracing down his muzzle from between his eyes and encircling under his cheeks and over his cheekbones. Then there are his defining features--or one in general. His scars. He is laced in scars. The most obvious of one being a horrific scar on his face, tearing one side of his jaw open nearly up to the ear. It shows all of his teeth and even his gums, and the muscle of the jaw. Disfigured to the extreme, even opening and closing his jaw is a sort of horror show. (The other side of his face, however, is particularly handsome.) It is not quite a Glasgow smile, as that would imply he has either been to Glasgow, or needs help smiling. Neither of those are true. (Well, maybe he has visited Glasgow in another life, but that's neither here, nor there.) Instead, it is as if the muscle and tendon had simply been peeled away from the bone of his skull and then replaced haphazardly and then, part-way through, they abandoned the task without remembering to put 'skin' back on it. The other various scars include a large one from the center of his chest that curls up around his ribcage and ends near the back of his left elbow in an almost awkward 'j' shape, and various other smaller scars across his forelimbs. He has, as well, a goatee of longer fur that is tucked underneath his chin. He does his utmost to remain luxurious, one would do best to not bother his goatee or ruin his luscious locks. One has to keep up SOME sort of appearances.
attracted to: All
scent: Water, Blood, Seaweed and Smoke
Emotionally driven. Equal parts selfish and selfless. Can be trusted not to be trusted. A gentleman, a showman, and most of all; a man of many faces. Proud. Arrogant but humble. Wise enough to know that he does not know everything. Silver tongue, golden words. Lost. Lonesome. Desperate. Brutal. Confident. Madness is a gift, not a curse. He is stealthy, silent. You will not see him coming, you will not hear him coming. He is not evil...but he is not benevolent. A true neutral. He is confident and cool. He hates without fathom, but he loves unconditionally. He gets what he wants and he constantly searches for that thing to fill the emptiness in his heart, and he cannot place whether or not that search is greed, lust, desire, need, or simply a form of growing insanity. He is debonair, he is smooth, his tongue is both silver and gold and he can drop painful truths or gentle lies and each time he speaks, one can never be sure which it is. He can be trusted to not be trusted. He believes in himself and no other, devotes himself wholly and fully to his self-serving cause and if that cause requires him to help or hinder, so be it. Wisdom and intelligence are his greatest strengths. His intellect is often confused as madness, while his madness is often confused for eccentricity. All wrong. He won't correct it, though. Family oriented. Loves his family to death and beyond. Just ask the skull of his sister that he keeps with him. She'll tell you all about it.
From a distant, desert-dwelling nomadic tribe, known for their stories of mystics, seers and fortune-tellers. He ate his sister. He carries her skull around with him and talks to it when he's feeling lonesome. He probably also ate his brother. No skull for him. Boo.
parents NA x NA
lover NA
children Jupiter Metallia-Phaino | ??? | ??? | ???

Several scars, missing part of his face, hereditary blindness in both eyes.

the player
pronouns She/her
birthday April 15
contact pm