sonder summer 1710
3 years old
awake and breathing, we halt and catch fire.

deep autumn red, leaves that have fallen and colors that had been taken to create a creature full of them. blackened ends of the leaves seem to fade into his pelt, making it more tone to the eyes. white swirls in over his cheeks and underneath his chin, streaking down to his chest where it connects with the underbelly, fading around the inside of his back legs. snow fall shows over his eyes, four speckles. then over his back, climbs the shadows of the night, almost as if it was covering up the red. trying to restart again. it tries to make it's way over the snowfall, but only reddens his nose. it also makes a raccoon mask around his eyes, making him more than insecure through his age as it will grey with time. red streaks down to the ends of his tail, only coating the top of him, ashes fallen. the red is marvelous as it makes up the rest of his of his body. sweetly toned and baked under the sun. hidden behind all the features, there is a deep, mystical purple that lays among his muzzle. colored completely in, dragging whatever in his sight in for a closer look- or at least that's how it had been. now, since he had been on his own. his size had scared most off or had been too big for something to eat- too much of a fight. his size had always been an issue, as he was supposed to stand tall like the oak trees that he was raised beside, yet, he stands smaller- the runt of his forsaken litter.
code by violetta + art by aerial-vew.
fur palette
eye colour
Salty ocean air
timing's never what the soul desires.

insecurity runs through the veins of his family- a deeply rooted problem that he faces from time to time. quiet until provoked to speak about his mortals, placing them into place with a firm paw and no fumbling over his words. demanding when he needs to be and solemn any other time. cocky as a young adult but will soon turn into a more intimidating demeanor as he grows. amused over simple things, usually more of the immaturity of some creatures. he has a defense mechanism of sarcasm to flow through his words when he gets in a tight spot, making him seem stand-offish when all he really wants is to avoid confrontation and arguments, as he can get heated very quick. the young male can also find himself fleeing when confronted with hard questions- later being found basking in an area with no emotion on his face. young and immature, he will be faced with growth, in more than just his actions.
code by violetta + art by amphispiza.
Neutral Good
Fishing, optimism, & daydreaming.
Oceans, aggression, & physical fights.
attracted to
i belong somewhere on the outside.

from agrid, alexei was grown in a small band of wolves that let their young go into the wild as soon as they pleased. for young alexei, he stayed behind whilst most of his siblings went off as soon as soon as they could. he and his sibling, moira were the last two to stay behind. they lived with the band and studied for many months before the return of his siblings was welcomed back to the band which was slowly starting to turn into a small pack of their own. alexei found it was time to leave not much later. his siblings had matured far beyond alexei and, part of moira followed in pursuit of being an adult. alexei had really never wanted that part of their lives to end, the fun. so he left, for his own adventure. to find a new land and try to mature, but in the process, have a bit of fun.

the first adventure outside of agrid didn't go as planned. when taking a short swim just outside the mainland, lex was swept away by the current, sending him in a spinning whirl of waves. before he could find the top of the water; a rock slammed into the side of him, rendering him unconscious. the next thing he wakes to, is being tossed upon a beach shore, banged up and thirsty. luckily, two girls found him, patching him up and ultimately, saving his life. a fear of water consumed him, having issues even coming near it to take a drink. even though when he was merely a small child, his parents murmured secrets of a water god that watched over him. the lonely teen lived in a red field full of poppies for almost a year, before wandering into a burnt forest, finding a hell-hound that almost managed to take his life, but instead, traded his heart. intertwined with a man of ashes and power. it wasn't long until he disappeared into the shadows, coming back to where he came from and leaving alexei to learn about the certain aches that come along with love. within the loss, came a gain, joining with a man to call a place home - he tagged along with the pack until it felt no longer like home. then he disappeared through the same forest of ash he'd found hell's demon and continued until his paws felt numb.
code by violetta + art by sylvirr.
Mateo ♂ x Nora ⚥
Noctis ♂, Sebastion ♂, Moira ⚥, Solis ♀.