sonder autumn 1710
Spring 1707
2 years old

Dressed in a tinted blue satin dress with a careful powdering of black touching each point; a lighter cashmere shawl of modestly hiding her shoulders and chest from prying eyes. She carries herself with a dainty elegance, a smile always softly curling the edge of her lips to mask many emotions she might be containing to appear more delicate and welcoming. Her gaze a sunburst from the pupil refracted into ice crystals that imitate her dear grandmother's own former cold gaze. Around the jewels are carefully painted on make up: a smoked upper lid while the bottom has a reverse cat eye matching her shawl.
fur palette
eye colour
Dew and Neroli

A rose, kind and still. Does this flower carry any thorns or only delicate petals?

A maiden fair, a delicate butterfly drinking from the calm morning dew upon the most frail of petals. She is everything one might expect of a princess; a curtsy and a kind smile, a hand offered out for a gentle kiss of her fairytale prince. Her emotions are kept at bay behind that gentle gaze and unassuming smile, for porcelain is not meant to crack or it ruins the quality of the doll.

Inwardly she is not so dainty, if anything she can be quite the frazzled mess that feels like she is often losing her head. Culture and aspirations often clashing like two pairs of raging waves, leaving her uncertain of her route. That said she can be rather carefree when outside of the eyes of her family or nobility, just wanting a life like the fairytales that come in the form of a bard's ballad. She is not the most vocal of individuals but when she does speak it is often lathered in pure honesty as her mother had taught her, even if it sometimes gets her in trouble as it spills out in a bubbling stammer, as if she has to get out all the words at once before the moment can come to pass.

by fewtish

Lawful Good
Books, flowers, praise, tea
inequality, power over others, her stutter
attracted to

A young soldier and her commander had fallen deeply in love as their heat stopped clashing and started to meld. Yaroslav, the well-established charismatic brother of the Patriarch had taken on Sif as his consort when she was a rather young age. Being of nobility he had to ensure the young maiden could bare him heirs and prove she held worth before a marriage could ever fully take hold, until such their courtship kept a secret. The marriage would never come to be official as the man honorably perished at the start of the war just before Aurora's birth. At least, that is how the story goes and the one Aurora knows. It does not come without rumors; a favorite among the Helvig family being that she is the Patriarch's daughter and that he is profiting off his brothers death to cover up his affair with his favored handmaid he bent tradition for way too many times.

The truth of her conception may be far darker than anyone may know.

In her early couple months, her mother was attentive yet absent, protective yet distant as she battled between postpartum and motherly instincts, among other mental ailments. Often draped in the woman's black and golden pelt in her earliest memories but it would suddenly be stripped from her as her mother had to go back to work as soon as possible due to the war, left to be cared for by a trusted maid of the family, a cousin or on rare occasions Diluc(the Patriarch) himself, in which he would take the opportunity to instill the values of the family within her young mind. To be seen, not heard; the perfect doll as she was merely a female but he did carry some leniency toward her as he did her mother whenever she spoke out of turn, offering her only a warning to mind her mouth or a silent glare, so long as it was not questioning his authority nor offensive to him. It often left her confused, lost on her cultural and social standing verse who her mother was. If women weren't supposed to be soldiers than why did her mother serve within the Imperial Army?

Toward the end of the war when it was at its peak and most dangerous for anyone that might step onto the battlefield, worry for her mother would only grow more and more till one day she would follow the woman to the warfront in aims to keep her safe. It all happened so sudden, the events that followed her poor choice that would ultimately lead to Sif losing her eye. That day would traumatize the child, blaming herself for everything.

Sif would be forced to take a break after the mishap. Where such a time might have been happy for the pup, she would find herself unable to look at her mother's face but she would spend every moment with her mother when she could. And in that time she had made a decision, one that might alter her life forever and may be disapproved of by everyone. That is if she doesn't get cold feet before she can even try. Until then she will learn the ins and outs of the family Winery and learn all the etiquette of a noble.
Contracted the fae illness that stalls age, causing her to be stuck as a yearling for an extra year.

Cuddle Pile by Plymouth<3
Yaroslav Helvig x Sif Asgaut
Half Sibs - Haskell and Sheik Asgaut
Step Sister - Ismailia Tiamat
Step Father - Khepri Tiamat
Scottish Wildcat



Health Conditions:
Psychogenic Stutter