Finnick de Paor played by bunny
Highlander College of Eòlas Witch Jacobite

A handsome wisp of a man, decorated in charcoal and ash. His shoulders are broad and enveloping, with long, muscled legs gathered beneath. Finn's face is a lovely painting of contemplation and mystique, his expressions tending to avoid much emotion lest he give away his inner-thoughts. His gait is willful and smooth, appearing confident yet comfortable in his own solitude. Silver eyes gleam from behind dark lashes — he likes to think the lack of hue protects the true nature of his soul, stripped of any defining color.
attracted to: All
scent: Fermented cherries
Never was a man so charismatic and cruel.
come with me, catch a rare type specimen
cuddle up with a hesitant skeleton

I. Born under the expanse of a night sky, Finnick de Paor was gifted to a single mother cursed with a chronic illness. With a father who ran when he learned of his mother's doomed pregnancy, loss was something he was familiar with early on in his life. To protect her son in the face of her own mortality, Finn's mother brought him to a group of nomadic witches to raise him as their own once he was old enough to be weaned from her teat.

II. He assimilated into the Blackwood coven quite smoothly — he was taught their customs, their rituals, and their traditions. By the arrival of his first year, he was a full-fledged heretic. His adoptive family would dote on him for his dedication and adaptability, and some even feared the way he would lose himself in the sacrifice. Finn took to the habit of never giving away his full name in suspicion that doing so would give his enemies power over his well-being. He became like the night — cloaked in mystery, revelling in the stars.

III. When his family became the hunted, he fled with them. When running began to feel endless, he strayed from those who raised him. Not out of disloyalty — but out of necessity. Split up, they'd have more of a chance to survive than if they were to gather like lambs to the slaughter. Used to the nomadic lifestyle, he now travels the countryside, searching for stragglers from his coven and indulging in rituals he still holds dear.
parents Illiad x Maeve
extended Blackwood coven, not by blood.

the player
pronouns She/her
birthday 11/15
contact pm