Lilith Zyphear played by Navii
Outlander Commonwealth Traveling Knight Undecided
Because she is not a Zyphear by blood, she does not look like the rest of her family. However, she is no less beautiful. She is built for running and games, her rib cage large enough for large hauls of oxygen, her legs and paws long and sturdy. Nevertheless, she is smaller than her siblings in overall stature.

Her pelt is mostly off-white, a delicate blend of cream and ivory. Sprinkled through is a very pale red, the remnant hallmark of a red coat from one of her parents. The color is most prominent on her head, between her ears, and over her back and tail, but it very rarely forms a solid hue and is strewn through the rest of her pelt in a subtle wash. Her tail is rarely seen not waving like a banner and is especially plush.

Her eyes are a pale blue, like the most precious azure from a cloudless sky or a pristine lake. There is a certain innocence reflected within them, an unbreakable happiness and joy, an appreciation for life.

attracted to: All
scent: Pine trees, salt water, hint of vanilla
Lilith is, by default, an absolute ray of sunshine. A true testament to how she was raised, she always tries to be the best version of herself. She is the sort of person who will happily and easily throw herself into any social situation or event, oftentimes fulfilling the role of a mood-maker with no end of stupid jokes or goofy smiles. From an outward perspective, she just seems... happy, in the truest sense. More importantly, she is polite and fair-minded. She won't judge someone on any aspect of their identity or past; she cares more about their actions in the present and whether or not they treat her (or her family) well. If respect is offered to her, it will be returned tenfold. The things people tend to notice first about Lilith is her sense of humor, natural warmth, and seemingly boundless energy. Among her childhood friends, she was once jokingly referred to as the “group mom” due to the nurturing quality if her personality that is hard to deny. When you’ve got a problem or just really need to talk, Lilith is your girl, and she will go out of her way to fix issues for just about anyone.

Lilith is a gentle spirit; soft-spoken and careful with the people she encounters, she tends to make friends everywhere she goes. She genuinely believes in leaving every place and person in a better state than when she arrived, so she goes out of her way to give compliments, smile at strangers, make new friends. She isn’t naive, though; Lilith knows that the world is sometimes a terrible place, and she knows that people would take advantage of her kindness. The Knights have taught her that much. She’s careful with her spirit, though she does fully believe people deserve second chances.

Though soft-spoken, Lilith isn’t shy, and won’t hesitate to use her voice when needed. She believes in justice and thinks that everyone should fight for it. Because of that, she won’t tolerate anyone who would purposefully do wrong by another, no matter how big or important their voice is. Lilith is not afraid to act like a knight, and having just recently completed her initiation, she is more than willing to do so. She remembers the oath her ancestors took ‘to protect the weak, to cure the ill, and to guide the lost’ and devotes herself to it.

She loves to surround herself with people; Lilith loves people. She loves talking to people, hearing stories, making friends. To Lilith, the friendship of another person is the greatest gift this planet has to give, and she seemingly never gets tired of the company of others.

Sometimes, though, Lilith gets… Excessively quiet. Having to be the family peacemaker can be mentally exhausting. She tries her best not to show it because it’s her job and she wants to do her best to be consistent for the people in their life, but some days are rough and lonely, and they just want to drown out the world. Still, she has the strongest desire to help lift the burdens of others. It comes from having a naturally loving personality, and the fact that her mother always did everything she could to make the lives of everyone wonderful, especially her. Lilith may not have been a Zyphear from birth, but she never knew the difference. Now, she feels like the best way to honor her family is to do the same for others.

Some days, this feels excessively burdensome. But all days, it feels like something she cannot cast aside.

Lilith was found by Orex and Tyra Zyphear as a pup, washed upon the seashore, nearly drowned. They had no idea where she came from, and she was too young to remember or even communicate verbally with them. She was basically an orphan as far as anyone was concerned. Nonetheless, they took her in as one of their own, and sweet Lilith quickly found a home among her mother, father, and four siblings. She was happy growing up, even taking lessons from her father and mother in a numerous amount of subjects. She learned how to fight, how to hunt, how to gather herbs. Her affable and pleasant nature allowed her to get along with all of her siblings, even the more abrasive ones (Talfor and Edric). Lilith is the one the siblings would go to when they needed to vent or needed a favor. She is a good listener, empathetic and true, and is considered the flawless, beautiful younger sister.

She learned of the order of knights and the Zyphear’s long-standing history adhering to their vows. Lilith was incredibly versatile and well-rounded, a fierce warrior and a capable healer; she was charismatic, a fine storyteller, and a diplomatic representative. She was the perfect student and candidate for the knights. Although others may have been wary of a stray pup, Orex and Tyra advocated for their adopted daughter, and she was on track for initiation.

But that day didn't happen quite as planned.

Unfortunately, it was scheduled after the wildfire that would consume her home and separate her from her siblings. Lilith had no choice but to flee, and even though her heart was heavy, she had to separate herself from her siblings. She ran from her homelands, from the memories and people she’d come to love. The warrior part of her wanted to stick around and save those who were caught in the flames, but the natural instinct of fear caused her to leave.

Lilith never forgot though and she has this internal feeling that her family is out there, alive and well. She searched for them on a constant, endless quest, determined to follow in the footsteps of her noble family. Her biggest dream was to officially become a Knight and with nothing will stop her from achieving it, she did just that.

You see, it seemed luck was on her side and her family hasn't burned up in flames after all. A swift reunion allowed the young girl to meet with her siblings once more, and though the loss of their parents was tremendous, at least she had them. The quintet reminded together, helping each other heal and flourish in their troubling times, and even offering the adopted girl the one thing she had always wanted: to be a Knight.

The ceremony was beautiful and the honor was tremendous. Lilith had never felt as stupendous as she did on that day. Not even the loss of the others could dampen her mood, and with the new official title of being a Zyphear Knight, she made it her mission to move on and help others. To help them find their place in life just as the Zyphears had done for her.

If she had to be the one to carry out the family name and make their ancestors proud, so be it. It would be her honor.

parents Adopted: Tyra and Orex; Birth: Unknown
siblings Rafiel, Talfor, Mirah, and Edric
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pronouns She/Her/They
birthday October 27
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