sonder winter 1710
Spring 1707
3 years old
Fae Forest
Honeyed hues blend together with sand and soft cream blending into it from her muzzle, down her chest, spreading to her underbelly. She has brighter highlights across her pelt that accent her coat, presenting her to the world as a gift from the sun. Her eyes are the color of pink wood sorrel that accent the field of clover her family found her in as a wee bairn. Her left ear also has a unique fold in the tip from a day where she was far too curious and stuck her nose in a tree hollow only to be greeted by the teeth of a frightened baby squirrel. Her ear healed in that quirky little bend that she wears proudly, especially since her and the squirrel are now the best of friends.

Clover is graceful as the wind blows through the tallest tree branches. She steps lightly and prances like a doe, swiftly moving through trees, quiet as a mouse. The times you might hear her is when she sings to through the forest, letting the world be her orchestra as she lets her voice mingle in with it. The air about her is entirely whimsical and her eyes always sparkle, genuinely warm and welcoming, though she relies heavily on the vibes of another and absorbs the emotions around her even though her positivity is infectious.

fur palette
eye colour
Wildflowers and honey

As a pup, Clover, is simply sweet, a gentle soul, and some would go as far to say she is the embodiment of the essence of the purest light and love there is in this world. She only knows kindness and love and does not have a cell in her body that could do evil. While she is by far the most warm, loving, and affectionate little girl, for her sister, brother, father and mother, she finds herself lost in the adoration of the vast universe and the other creatures that have been given the gift of life.

Although, she typically comes off as side-tracked, Clover has learned to keep her wits about her and maintain awareness of her location regardless of her primary focus. While she does enjoy the company of others, she is, by far the most alive when she is alone with the wonders of her environment. She finds her serenity through the whispers in the willows, the babbling in the crest falls of brooks, the coloration of the sunrise, the majestic presentation of mountain peaks, and the way her footfalls sink in the earthen ground.

Some would say after meeting her that she is an “old soul” and she looks for the goodness in every heart. Deep down she has the understanding that all souls have originated from light and love…even the ones who seem to have been lost. Enemies beware, however, for as caring and compassionate as Clover seems, she also has the rage of the elements if she is crossed. It is an extremely rare thing to see on her person, but she calls upon the strength of the most violent of tempests within herself in times of need to do what she must to protect that which means the most to her.

Growing up, Clover does find herself curious about any and all things but rather than ask questions she will immerse herself in the experience of actually doing it. To have courage and be kind – becomes a motto she carries with her through life but it goes not only for wolf-kind but for all from minuscule beetle to vast antlered elk. As she grows, she will find that she craves adventure into the rest of the world. She wishes to see the vast expanse of this region, all of it and beyond!

Chaotic Good
attracted to
There once was a family of Royalists made up of a father, mother, brother, and sister that came upon a bad stroke of luck and ended up losing everything they had. They fell into poverty and wound up living on the streets, begging for scraps on the street corners. The father of the family made a decision that would change their lives forever. They were to leave the Mainlands and head up into the Highlands to learn to live off of the land instead of risking starvation in the Capital.

They arrived at the edge of the Fae Forest and begged to be allowed within for the Fae were not fond of outsiders. In the end, they offered their lives and devotion to the woodland creatures and by doing so forfeited their freedom, kept hidden away in the Fae Forest where they can never leave. In return, the Fae gifted them with the finest living conditions they could offer and a stable environment in which they could now thrive. The family had become fast friends of the natural world with the father protecting it from those who would seek to do harm, the mother beautifying the world around her, and the young boy and girl filling the forest with song and laughter.

Finding this pleased them, the Fae bestowed upon them another gift of life. In the midst of her gardening, the mother came across a baby cradled softly in a bed of clover surrounded by a fairy circle of mushrooms and pink wood sorrel. The family humbly accepted her into their lives, naming her Clover, after where she was found. This bouncing baby girl became the joy of all of their lives. She grew quickly and shared with them her own whimsical gift of storytelling through the wildest dreams she experienced almost nightly. There was one recurring theme to every single dream and it was that she always shared them with someone else who she firmly believes is the other half of her spirit, or her soulmate, if you will.

Clover's adventures began to take her to the edge of the Fae Forest and learning her mother's trade of floral ornaments and design she would take that with her beyond these woodlands and into the world. Knowing her family will never experience this with her, she vows to them to bring them wonders of the world and to always return to them for they are the pinnacle of her existence. Clover has set out in to follow her greatest calling well outside the world she grew up in and she knows that somewhere out there, her other half waits for her and she pursuit of finding them.

Siobhan and Calhoun
Fletcher and Chloe
Cian Eamonn
Summit Hiram, Journey Fae, Fern Haven, Daisy Aurora, Piper Joy, Soraya Vale
Maela (Guardian)