sonder winter 1710
Spring 1707
2 years old
Thieves' Guild
Muscle for Hire
She is the mirror image of her biological sire: a wolf of enormous size and impressive build, with a pelt as black as night, tinged with traces of silvery gray. From a distance, one would easily assume that the wolf before them was, in fact, male. There is little feminine about her but the name she carries. She carries herself with a masculine air, as if she were a brute rather than the accursed sex of her birth.

Her eyes are the same as the monster's, a hellish ruby red hue, watchful and suspicious. She has little recollection of the man who created her except in her darkest dreams, where he is a shadow with her eyes glaring back. Her angular ebony visage is one of melancholy and fury, mingling into a harsh expression of pointed indifference -- or simmering vengeance. Seldom is this one seen smiling.

Conducting her days with confidence means that others seldom bother with her, as she has vowed to never be victimized. She has been a meek victim, but never again will Rue allow herself to be controlled and abused. She has survived despite the atrocities she has faced, and has grown into a massive beast.

She wears past traumas for the world to see: a missing right ear gifted to her in younger months by a former oppressor. Jagged, ugly scars that decorate her visage allude to her participation in the war.
fur palette
eye colour
Extra Large
She trusts no one but herself -- her own instinct, her self-assurance. As such, she attempts to not rely on anyone or anything, even in her youth. She does not believe that any mystical deity is keeping a watch over her, for nothing in her experience has suggested any semblance of kindness from an unseen being.

Rue is most often found in solitude. Where once she was a cheerful child, she is now a cold, hardened adult. She is occasionally prone to bouts of loneliness and depression as a result of deep, unresolved traumas from her past. But she is adept at hiding any dark feelings, instead wearing a mask of aloof incredulity.
Chaotic Evil
the ladies and a good brawl
the man and being controlled
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Born of an arranged and loveless marriage between a monster and a maiden, along with two barely-older brothers she has no recollection of. Ruby's future had been decided by her father from the moment she arrived to a patriarchal world. She would be married to an older brute, when she was of age, for the connections it would create for her family. But her mother wanted something better for her daughter.

At two months old, the dark girl called Ruby was left by her devastated mother in the fae forest so that she would have a greater, happier fate than an arranged marriage like her own. The child was soon discovered by a pair of yearling brothers, twins called Sage and Valerian, who brought her to their Papá, a recently widowed wolf.

Being taken in by Papá DeSoto would be the beginning of a new, second family for the girl, now called Rue. She had two wonderful new brothers, Sage and Valerian, and quickly, her difficult old life faded from memory. She was a bright and loving child, joyful and inquisitive, and empathetic to a fault. But this happiness, and these facets of Rue, were not meant to last.

Papá's wife had died before Rue arrived, and his mind had not properly grieved, instead seized by the grips of mournful madness. Before Rue reached her first birthday, Papá DeSoto's mind lured him into the raging sea from which he would never return. Shortly after, a terrible storm separated Rue from Sage and Valerian. Suddenly, she was all alone.

She was half starved following the separation from the only family she would remember. She believed herself incapable of making her way on her own, but has thus far managed to survive through theft and determination.

Updates- 1710:
Rue has spent most of her adult life alone. Rarely has she lost a fight, and she seems incapable of making connections with others. Rue didn't give a damn about Adamh or Jacob, but she has participated in the outbreak of war. She was arrested following a protest and imprisoned by the Imperial army. Following her time behind bars, Rue became all the more bitter against the elitist Royalists. The war brought an opportunity for violence, and Rue was glad to contribute to the war effort against the Imperial soldiers. She took one life in the heat of battle, but was brought down by a different soldier. While they were attempting to haul her back to the Mainlands' prison, Rue escaped, and she's been on the run ever since.

Bio: Blythe Eleos + Argo Miann
Adoptive: Emilio DeSoto

Bio: Coal, Finch & Tybalt (all unknown)
Adoptive: Sage & Valerian



Right ear torn off in a fight by Lachlan, deep scarring around right eye and across muzzle, permanent limp due to injured right foreleg.