Gwendolyn Mac Brádaigh played by Peachyy
Lowlander Commonwealth Apothecary Undecided
Appearing in the light, her petite form is covered in fur the color dark chocolate. Her fur is lush and abundant on her body, often tangled without her meticulous care. Regardless of where one looks, her coloring remains the same, only deepening at her ears and muzzle. Many would call her plain, but she enjoys how she appears like soil after a fresh rain. The earth is goddess-blessed, after all. The monochromatic look is disturbed by eyes the color of lavender in spring, twinkling like dew in the morning sun. Gwendolyn carries herself with the confidence of a lady, her presence emanating throughout the space in spite of her small stature. She appears very approachable, always open and eager for the opportunity for making new friends.
attracted to: Females
scent: Hyacinths & Rain
A patron of the moon goddess, she follows her deity’s path of devotion and grace. Flitting from place to place, she is a rampant hummingbird amidst the masses as she tends to others and sells her wares. In the effort to spread kindness and grace, she sits vigilant by moonlight in manifestation and prayer, leaving an offering to the goddess as the night wanes. By day her heart is lost to the belief of kindness in others, a flaw she has been told but naively refuses to acknowledge. Her mind resides within the clouds, her soul bonded with the energy of her earthen mother. In this she is a conduit as she assembles her herbal remedies, bundling the plants her goddess provides with absolute care. She is quick to smile with others and remains polite, her life of nobility and poise a remnant she carries with her during her travels.
Gwendolyn was born on a night when the moon was highest. Her mother, Moira, was a witch of the mainland, a patron of the Moon Goddess who left her faith to marry her father, Alister, a nobleman of the highlands. She was the youngest of three, her brothers Jude and Cian safe from the deity’s pull. Superstitious and unaware, her father was blind to the very thing he hated most lurking just under his nose. Knowing the repercussions, her mother kept her lineage a secret until she birthed Gwendolyn and could no longer ignore the life she had abandoned.

Wanting her daughter to have the choice to choose what path she followed, Gwen was sent to live with Clodagh, her grandmother and an actively practicing witch. There Gwen learned the path of the Moon Goddess, gathering herbs and creating remedies alongside the elder wolf. Clodagh introduced her to her new life of offerings and moonlit vigils, a practice where they take a moment for prayer and manifestation. Gwendolyn fell in love with their deity and her new path, choosing to remain with her grandmother rather than return on the eve of her first year.

Together they traveled the mainland, gathering herbs and treating others until Clodagh grew too weak to leave the comforts of their den. Gwen then went alone, helping wolves and selling remedies but never straying too far from the elder wolf. Over time they had grown close, but Gwendolyn knew that bodies were not meant to last forever. When the day came for her grandmother to return to the Goddess, she began the end of life ritual. As Clodagh took her final breaths, Gwendolyn bowed her head and began her vigil, praying her grandmother’s soul find their deity with ease.

Grieving her grandmother but refusing to return to the highlands, Gwendolyn found herself gathering herbs, leaves, and seashells to gather a bindle made of hide. She carries this with her during her travels to the lowlands, feeling lost but determined to follow the Goddess’ path. Maybe one day she will settle, but until then she wanders the world in search of where, or whom, she will once again call home.
parents Moira & Alister Mac Brádaigh
siblings Jude and Cian Mac Brádaigh
lover None
children None
extended Clodagh

None Yet

the player
pronouns She/they
birthday November 10th
contact pm