Valerian DeSoto played by Supernova
Highlander Thieves' Guild Thief Jacobite
The sun refracts off of the endless waves of azure which are the likeness of the dazzling irises that hold your gaze. His hair is wild, yet not unkempt, but simply as free as his spirit. This mass of flowing fur is charcoal throughout his core, his underbelly dusted with ash. Up through his face and down his legs and tail, his ebon pelt stretches until it begins to blend into a silvered hue across his muzzle and up from each of his paws.

His stature is of the smaller variance…though never seen it as a hinderance, in fact, he finds his size far more useful. And even in his mind’s eye, he is of grandeur physique and with this train of thought, his confidence and personality are practically larger than life itself.

You might think you’ve seen this man in two places at once, and you’re nearly correct. It is no doppelgänger, but instead his nearly identical twin, Sage. Everything about their appearance is the same except the slightest difference in height (Valerian being taller) and in the finer details of their faces. The majority of Valerian’s muzzle is a star-kissed silver while the bridge of Sage’s nose is dark as is most of his face.

The constant rhythm of a song echoing in his mind, puts a spring in his tip and if idle, it escapes through a tapping of his foot. The man’s presence almost always demands a lingering eye, his smile and laughter are infectious as they are inviting. His singing voice is a mixture of a smooth shot of liquor with that pleasant burn of a lingering rasp.

attracted to: All
scent: Spiced Rum and Ginger

~ Entertaining ~
The stage has always ruled Valerian’s world since he was a small boy. His imagination could create a performance in nearly any situation and his parents had to teach him that bursting into song in public places was not always smiled upon. He moves through life with a song in his heart and a particular knack for humor, bringing a tune to life and drawing laughter out of nearly any crowd. He thrives off of improving the moods of others through his presentation and the applause of an audience.

~ Passionate ~
Valerian is passionate with just about everything he can find joy in. He has a genuine love for the arts and takes pride in his personal talents as well as encourages others in their pursuits. Passion can also be found in his romantic ventures, for romance truly is a dying art among wolves.

~ Sensual ~
When first he tasted the sweet nectar of euphoria, all he wanted was more. This stud is well known along the sea side for his. He is wildly flirtatious in every sense of the word. He will often toss a wink or blow a kiss. With his love language being physical touch, he will subconsciously brush up against someone and draw himself closer as long as the other party is comfortable and willing. He also most certainly has a way with words to woo whoever he might be courting. Though he partakes in lovers of any variety, he ensures that he is not one they will soon forget…which might not always fare well for his twin if an angry husband/wife seeks Valerian out in a rage.

~ Lighthearted ~
Valerian keeps himself in high-spirits and may even come off as carefree at times. There is so much negativity that plagues the world that he figures he does not need to add to it. Instead he chooses to bring light and love into the lives he impacts. This does not always carry into moments of solitude and sometimes he has to break away in order give that front a rest even for a little bit.

~ Protective ~
With a long lost brother, a twin, and an adopted sister, Valerian can be found being extremely protective over his little family. After losing their parents, he knows he’s primarily responsible for taking care of his family and will do so at all costs. Sometimes its even at the cost of his own well-being, overworking himself to make sure his siblings have everything they could ever need. He also has found himself doing the same for close friends and very rarely lovers.

Valerian Desoto is the eldest son of Emilio DeSoto and Naevia DeSoto. He was born with a twin, Sage, and another brother, Thyme. The family lived in Aberdeen just at the forest’s edge. His parents had been accustomed to living near the sea, father having had a troubled past as a pirate before falling in love with their mother at the port. Even though they had settled more inland, Valerian always found that the sea called to him and he loved to play with his brothers along the sandy shores and in the waves.

The happiness would not last and Naevia fell ill with pseudorabies after hunting a sickly boar in the woods and the family witnessed her suffer until she finally found peace in death. Their father, completely distraught after losing his wife, could not bring himself to live near the sea for only reminded him of her. The family was uprooted and moved inland further into the forest.

In the Fae Forest, the youngest brother, Thyme, was lost without a trace. The twins searched for him high and low in every nook and cranny they could find, but after what felt like endless hours, they realized this wasn’t a game and fetched Emilio. The lost pup was never found and it was then that their father had truly begun to lose himself too.

Valerian and Sage never stopped looking for their brother no matter how much time had passed. When they turned a year, their searching found them an interesting discovery…a bundle of black fur and ruby red eyes tucked in the roots of a tree. She must have been lost too and so the boys took her back with them where she joined their family. It was so nice to have a little sister! Even as they grew older, Valeran liked to believe that Thyme had sent Rue to them to make them feel at least a little bit better, not so sad…

It still could not have stopped the inevitable from occurring, when their father, consumed by his sorrow, heard a song beyond the sea that lured him into the waves and into the embrace of his lost love beyond the veil. The DeSoto boys and their new sister were left to take care of themselves. Valerian shouldered much of this burden, pushing aside his hobbies to work hard to care for his siblings. Again the family was torn apart by a storm that separated them from Rue. Sage confined himself to their family home, staying behind to wait for her while Valerian ventured out in search of her as he still did Thyme.

Although, their life was decimated, there was still hope to hold onto as long as Valerian could count on his brother. Sage was able to settle working in a shop of horticulture, while Valerian held a mixed profession of odd jobs by day and either performances as a bard or thievery by night…and maybe a bit of promiscuity to take his mind off of everything. He presents as a Jacobite while his brother Sage actually holds to this belief, in reality he is loyal to the Rook, if only to provide for his family.

parents Emilio DeSoto (Deceased) & Naevia DeSoto (Deceased)
siblings Ruby (Rue) DeSoto & Sage DeSoto (his twin)
lover Everyone
children None
extended Unknown


the player
pronouns She/Her
birthday May 25th
contact pm