Sage DeSoto played by InvitedPanda
Highlander Commonwealth Herbalist Jacobite

Like a wisp of smoke, Sage is a dusty grey color on his underside, with the color darkening as it rises up his body until it is almost black over his shoulders and face. As the grey stretches down his face it fades to a light silvery color, almost white. The same light color can be found on his paws, reaching up to his ankles before blending into the darker grey that colors his underside.

Sage stands at around shoulder height to most average-sized wolves and walks with a sense of purpose, with long determined strides. He often seems to be lost in thought, his facial features appearing distant and unfazed, until touched by emotion.

His eyes shine like the waves of the ocean, and glint with mischief, crinkling together whenever he grins. They are a glowing cerulean blue that seems endless and deep. The only thing that can help one tell Sage apart from his twin Valerian is how far the black color drips down his snout. Compared to his brother, Sage sports less of the silvery white color on his muzzle.

attracted to: All
scent: Salt, smoke, citrus

The epitome of a bone-headed youth, Sage is convinced he is tough and scary, despite his small stature. As a puppy, he was full of energy and curiosity for the world around him, and could often be found tagging along not far behind his parents, willing to learn and experience everything life could possibly throw at him.

Quick on his feet and even quicker with his tongue, Sage loves a challenge and will always rise to the occasion, he is always looking for the approval of his fathers and siblings, who he cherishes dearly. Fearlessly loyal, Sage fights for those he cares about with little thought for himself. His family means the most to him, and he rarely can be seen without at least one of them by his side, unless he is following closely at his father's heels.

Impatience is the number one emotion this young boy feels, and he cannot stand to be cooped up for too long before that ear starts moving. There is always something new for this young man to discover, and he will always be there, working hard to find it.

Confident to the point of arrogance, Sage sees nothing as impossible and charges forward into life without a moment of hesitation. Sage sees the world as an endless source of wonder, love and experiences. The young DeSoto is mischievous and can often be found playing daring pranks on his brothers and sisters, or cracking awkward jokes. This boy is not above throwing himself into the dirt just to get his siblings to smile.

As he settles into his adult life, Sage keeps his sense of wonder and loyalty, but becomes much more responsible. His mischievous streak remains, however nowadays this comes out as sarcastic comments, intended to stir up drama with his siblings.


Born as a twin in their parent's first litter, the young boy had what many would call a perfect upbringing. Living on the edge of the forest near Aberdeen with his two brothers, Sage spent his days playing and exploring as every pup should. While the trio were still young, their mother Naevia contracted Pseudorabies from a wild boar while out hunting. For three days, the family watched as she deteriorated in health until she finally passed away.

When Naevia passed, the family uprooted themselves and moved further inland when they lost their third sibling, Thyme to the Fae Forest. Broken and disheartened, their father never recovered from the two losses. When the twins were a year old, they left to search for Thyme once more in the forest when they came across a small black pup, tucked into the fork of a tree. They boys retrieved the young girl from her perch and carried her back home where they cared for her for many months.

When Rue turned one, their father Emilio, stricken with his grief wandered into the clutches of the ocean in an attempt to reunite with his long lost wife. The three children were left to fend for themselves, something which they struggled greatly with. During a particularly harsh storm, the trio were separated. Sage refused to leave their family home, praying that his adopted sister would find her way home one day.

Sage settled in to life in Aberdeen as an amateur herbalist and works as a shop assistant, while his twin brother wreaks havoc around town as a petty thief. Sage dreams of a life where he has a love and a stable life.

parents Naevia (mother) and Emilio (father) DeSoto
siblings Rue, Valerian, Thyme
lover None
children None
extended None


the player
pronouns She/Her
birthday 04 June
contact pm