Luciel Argent played by Pixel
Lowlander Commonwealth Bodyguard Royalist

White fur fills out a solid bulky frame, broad shouldered and barrel chested. His head is large padded with thick fur along his cheeks and neck. A heart shaped grey mask covers his face and snout almost camouflaging his light grey eyes. Grey covers his large paws, legs, ears and tail with point markings.
attracted to: Females
scent: Berries

A soldier through to his core, protective and loyal to the ones who own his sword. War has took its toll on his body and soul. Argent is no longer the happy go lucky yearling who joined the army to find his purpose. Forced retirement has left him feeling like he has betrayed his oath to protect and serve. A very introverted man, quiet and thoughtful in his demeanour. Secretly socially awkward beneath a sullen and gruff exterior.
Conceived during a one night stand to an unknown father and raised by a single mother, Elora Argent. His mother never told him who his father was or sought him out even when they desperate for food and shelter. Argent did what he could to lessen the burden of being the sole provider, running errands when he could. The army became his solution to take care of her and he enlisted as soon as he became a yearling. His potential as a soldier was recognised by a senior officer, Moira Swift. Under her guidance he rose quickly through the ranks and became her trusted second in command. Elora grew sickly, but lived long enough to share her joy and pride when her son was promoted to Captain. Her death hit Argent hard and he threw himself into his work, pushing down his grief and focusing entirely on being a soldier.

During the rebellion of 1707 under Lieutenant Major Swift's command Captain Argent fought on the frontlines along the Highland borders and after a drawn out and bloody battle he was gravely injured after a rotten tree was pushed on him. His recovery was long and troubled, death seemed to be a likely end for the Captain. Memories of this time are vague, but the soldier did pull through. With the passing of summer and the end of the war Argent was told that due to his injuries he was not fit for combat and was offered retirement or a lesser rank guarding the barracks. Unbeknownst to Argent the medic tending to his injuries had botched his treatment leaving him with broken ribs that didn't heal correctly. Too proud to accept the army's pity he begrudgingly retired into the commonwealth.

parents Elora Argent & Unknown
siblings None
lover None
children None
extended None

Fractured ribs (Healed incorrectly)

the player
pronouns She/Her
birthday July 11th
contact pm