sonder autumn 1710
2 years old
Thieves' Guild
Bandit, and Warrior for Jacob
- His coat is dual colored, a perfect blending of both of his parents, a mother of silvery white and a father of the blackest night. Wild markings reminiscent of ominous storm clouds paint his large form. An enormous youth of imposing size, and still, the boy will continue growing until his second birthday arrives in the spring. He wears a stoic countenance that appears aloof, distant from the world and its untrustworthy strangers. The world is observed through indigo eyes: mostly blue in color, inherited from his mother's side of the family, tinged with a hint of crimson hue from his father's contribution to his genetics.
fur palette
eye colour
Leather and dust
Finch was crafted from a harsh patriarchal upbringing, tempered with the care and nurturing of his other mother. As a result, Finch is stoic around strangers -- when he is forced to interact with them. Despite the brutality of his father's influence in his youngest months, Finch is not inherently violent. On the contrary, when it comes to those he is closest to, he is fiercely protective and surprisingly affectionate. Of course, this is a small circle of wolves, but Finch would make a good friend to others who dare to come close enough to get to know the boy. Otherwise, he presents as cold and disinterested. This wall of protection has existed since his earliest memories, a response to the trauma inflicted by his cruel sire.
Chaotic Evil
Solitude, traveling, justice
The Mainlands, Royalists, defeat
attracted to
"a small songbird"
Born to Blythe and Argo, an unhappy Highlander couple in which the husband exerted total dominance over his wife and children. He grew up with a brother, Coal. A third child, a sister, was born to the tattered family, but the girl disappeared without a trace when the litter was still very young., and Finch has no recollection of the dark child. Finch's early childhood was blighted by his father's abuse, with only his mother's protection and devotion, as well as the closeness of his remaining littermate.

Deimos (Greek)
"god of dread and terror"
To his father, he was Deimos Miann, a name chosen to honor a brutal god of war, partnered with an infamous surname belonging to a long lineage of brutes and killers. It was his father's hope that his sons would bring honor and glory to his family name. This would be achieved by violence and brute strength, traits that Argo would try to instill in his young sons from birth.

Miann (Gaelic)
"desire; purpose; appetite"
The child was trained alongside his brother, alternately called Phobos, in preparation to fight when they were old enough. It was a tradition going back generations of the Miann clan. But neither boy could seem to rival their sire's bloodlust and terror. Finch was often made the target of his father's fury, and became withdrawn and distant.

Eleos (Greek)
"mercy; compassion"
With time, Blythe could no longer tolerate seeing her pups in such misery. The children were about four months old. Argo would soon be dead of unexplained circumstances, and the smaller, fatherless family was now on their own. To survive, theft became part of their new family's existence -- not because they wanted to, but because they were pushed to the brink of life and death, with no assistance. The experience of poverty instilled in Finch a knowledge of injustice and suffering, as well as resilience. When the family had enough, they would readily give the rest to those in need, who they found to be in plentiful supply about the island. The family then adopted their new last name.

Updates - 1710: A strange plague afflicted Finch on the precipice of adulthood: Suddenly, he was one year younger. Angry and confused, he left his mother's home to prove his independence. Soon, word of Jacob's return to the Highlands reached Finch, and he began to prepare for his violent role to come.

Finally, he grew into true adulthood, and his longings and urges had been festering too long. He met a bewitching femme whose name he would never learn, but the memory of their shared night of passion would linger in his memories. Finch is unaware that he helped the enchantress Yvaine conceive a litter, nor would he know if any of her progeny belong to him.

War has finally returned to Rionnach, with Finch ready to fight. His family has long awaited the return of Prince Jacob. But the Eleos clan soon shattered, as his mother was sentenced to death for her role in the battles. Finch's sole motivation, his passion and obsession, is the war to stop the false king Adamh. At all costs.
Blythe Eleos + Argo Miann
Coal; Ruby & Tybalt (both unknown)
Unknown offspring (born to Yvaine)

Maternal Grandparents: Mara Iollan + Achos Alaios

Paternal Grandparents: Deirdre + Pothos Miann