Forsythe Lockhart played by Mjxlnir
Mainlander College of Eòlas Astrologist Undecided
Upon first glance, Forsythe is a sizeable gentle-fellow, of average height and moderately toned physic, he appears prominently more feminine than they are beastly for a young male. Often does this cause passing members of all classes to take a second look, not quite convinced the first try that what they had just seen was a man at all, but an adoring damsel to take home with them. He yearns to catch the eyes of all creatures and walks of life, in yet his flavor of crepes and wine lay entirely to the same sex. Forsythe dons a pair of rose-colored lenses, faint blush pigments swirling about in the pools which were his own beholders. From afar, they are a divine match to a rose wine, though the closer one dares to the nymph-like man, one can for-tell about the thin golden flecks which dance around his pupils.

To frame such decadent windows to the soul, the wolf wears a honey-touched mask of fur, an array of similar copper and ginger shades melting around his backside, tail, arms, and ears. A grand majority of his exterior is blanketed in soft ivories and the brightest of silver licks. Rarely does the wiseman’s fur become tattered with debris or snarls, a glossy finish often shining off his professionally cleansed pelt. Even for being but a simple mainlander, Forsythe heavily believes that maintaining a high appearance guarantees attention for royal prospects. In addition to this earthen uniform, he also is the owner of an alluring perfume of freshly picked peonies and cedar wood during the autumn months of change.

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attracted to: Males
scent: peonies & cedar
Gregarious and charismatic is the young scholar, Forsythe takes pride in the benefits which his sociableness has provided him amongst the great pyramid of classes. To have been raised up by a mainlander physician, his household would quite early on expose him and his siblings to a plethora of individuals that existed about the plains. This became a means to better acquaint their adopted children into a world where they could fight for the power and respect they so desired through their education, thus revealing Forsythe to be becoming of a gentleman amongst his peers and acquiring social circles. And through his striking appearance, it earned him many faces and friends in return.

As most of his life is dedicated to his education alongside his sister’s, the scholar proves to be both wise and self-disciplined. His father adopted him and raised them both with the notion that they would have to learn to face most of life at their lonesome – that the only key to success was to achieve it without the need for others. While this did cause Forsythe to become independent of his own worries, he seldom seeks the help from others in doing so, often finding himself unfortunately in to deep into his work to realize how much time has passed. Once he has his mind stuck to something, it is quite difficult to take him out of that position until the task is finished or at the very least, satisfactory. His intuitive nature makes him very selective of certain natures amongst his peers. While Forsythe may come off as friendly and well-mannered, there is a side to him that is very in tuned with the laws of nature and behaviors which others wield. The astrologist seeks to find stronger connections through his knowledge of the stars and if the atmosphere is not in good tidings between the moon goddess and her stars, seldom would that person find themselves in Forsythe’s circle of trust again.

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Octavius Lockhart was, but a simple man. He dedicated himself to his studies of the mind and body, a benevolent son to an enriching life and blessed family of good wealth and high standing, even amongst other mainlanders. Shortly after finalizing his education, Octavius was summoned to Aberdeen upon request of a young noblewoman who had fallen ill. The story goes that she had happened to no longer be able to afford a highlander physician due to some unprecedented debts beneath her past husband. A gambling man, the doctor was told upon further insight. Though as he was passing through the Fae Forest during his travels to the highlander woman, he befell upon a small, confused pup of earthen shades and the most divine pair of rosy orbs for eyes tucked away in the roots of a century old oak. While the young scholar could not so simply abandon the poor child, he would take the pup under his wing and succeed in his task of healing the noble. Through all his troubles, she was able to provide more than what was initially asked of, and thus allowed Octavius to afford another mouth to feed on his return home to the Redwood.

Once after the man was settled, he would come to realize the child was in fact a boy when having first perceived it as another girl to raise alongside his current daughter, Felyra. Nevertheless, the blush-eyed pup would be granted the name of his father before him – Forsythe. Together, Felyra and Forsythe would be raised comfortably amongst the crownlands as middle-high class, their father now doubling down on his work to provide two mouths and two full educations for his children. Most others who did not know much of the family would often question, wondering how the physician would acquire two children without a mate, when in reality, Octavius had suffered the loss of his wife shortly after his daughter was born. As he had only achieved half of his education at the time, he and the wetnurse could only struggle together after delivering Felyra, but alas, his wife and mother to his children could not be saved. As Octavius had not been much of a faithful man, after the loss of his wife, he began seeking meditation and togetherness with the moon goddess once more. With the existence of Felyra and Forsythe being those gifts, he chose to raise his children faithfully beneath the lunar deity.

As Forsythe and Felyra would reach into their first year, Octavius was able to afford them both the best which he could in sending them to the College of Eòlas amongst other fortunate enough mainlander children. For the following year there, Felyra chose the path of alchemy, indulging in new inventive methods of healing in order to better suit her father’s aid, whereas Forsythe, the young boy which had been found beneath the forest’s stars, just so happen to learn astrology and how to read them. He indulges in how the stars and the influence of the moon goddess influence the laws of nature and her subjects, how stars may guide them and even create connections amongst the classes. The aspiring astrologist only seeks to know more of these divine strings as he chases about the social monarchy and clash of roles as politics feed more reverently into the crownlands

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parents Octavius
siblings Felyra
lover N/A
children N/A
extended N/A

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birthday Oct. 9th
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