Zoltan Blackwood played by Pixel
Highlander Commonwealth Witch Undecided
A tall frame filled out by dark greyish blue fur with lighter blue socks on gangly legs. His face is all sharp edges and angles followed by a long narrow snout. The same shade of ighter blue dots his brow just above eyes of icy blue. A unique blaze of white covers his throat and the very tip of his wiry tail.

Ugly punctures scars mar the left side of his neck from a near death experience as a child.

attracted to: All
scent: Tree sap
Disarmingly innocent and pure until you dig beneath the surface and see the tainted core. Darkness influences the boy, a monster of his beloved mother's making. While reluctant at first he will come to see the necessity in the evil he commits in the service of the fae and the devilish witch whispering in his ear.
A victim of the Fae Forest’s winding paths and trickery, the young pup wandered too far from his home spurred on by a fantasy to see the fairies. He wandered into the lair of a violet eyed witch who promised she would introduce him to the fae. The innocent child followed her to her altar of sacrifice and obediently sat within the fairy circle as instructed. Her jaws met his flesh and his blood spilled upon the forest floor. In the fleeting moments of consciousness he saw her dark face looming over him, teeth bared in a wicked grin dripping with his blood. When he jolted awake as if from a nightmare he could not recall where he was or who he was. His wounds had been tended to and a kindly violet eyed woman was present. There was something familiar about her, something he could not determine, but his first word was “Mama?” and she answered in kind “Yes, my son.”
parents Elwynn Blackwood
siblings None
lover None
children None
extended Morgana Blackwood


the player
pronouns She/Her
birthday July 11th
contact pm