Flynnigan Sinclair played by kintsugi
Highlander Commonwealth botanist Undecided
Extra Large
Tall and tender-muscled, scruffy and wild, Flynn certainly has a ruggedly handsome appearance about him. The fur that coats his frame is almost never tamed -- likely due to his breezy lifestyle -- which contrasts his serene moss-hued eyes. The colours that paint his body remind one of a chipmunk -- harmonious shades of chocolate, caramel, cream, and coffee. His underbelly, leg-under, throat, and cheeks are a soft shade of white along with a striking dash that overlaps his shoulder and curves around his back. The most notable features upon the young boy would be his dark chin, eye dots, and his large ears, the left one, in particular, bends at the tip.

( for sake of realism, flynn doesn't have a nose ring for this roleplay. )
attracted to: Undecided
scent: spiced tea & hickory.

+ Lionhearted, Devoted, Charismatic. When others cast their gaze upon him, they see a shining mane beaming from around his head. The male is just as loving, kind, and talkative as the day he stepped foot on fresh soil. He is steadfast in everything he does, loyal to the blood that binds him, and willing to go the distance when others won’t.

• Hopeful, Assertive, Adventurous. Onward do his legs move, never looking behind him; as there are always new lands to explore and he is determined to find it. More often than none, his adventurous nature comes back to bite him in the ass, but despite everything, most people know he is a rather hopeful young gun. Through rain, sleet, or shine, the male can be found waiting diligently for either someone or something even if told by others he shouldn’t, or that the feat is impossible, hell, even if he knows he shouldn’t. If he doesn’t believe it or do it, then who will? He is very firm in this mindset, he doesn’t care if he has to shout it from the rooftops, either. He’s stood up to his elders and higher ranks as well about his desires, giving him an assertiveness that remains unmatched.

— Absentminded, Cocky, Reckless. Flynn has an obvious ego about him. Some might say the male sees himself as an unstoppable force, which leads him to the most amazing and equally terrifying experiences. To put it frankly, if the need for a challenge is there, the buck will recklessly throw himself in front of the masses if he thinks it’ll help or spark a reaction. He gives little care about his own wellbeing at times and is frequent to the shaman's den, and regardless of the bickering they give him, it typically goes right over his head. When his feet aren’t running out into the wilderness, his mind is happily floating away.

There isn't much to be said about the young chap, thus far that is. His origins are tried and true, if not a bit stereotypical. Having been born to a Highlander father, one of steady ranking in the army, and a Commoner mother, his birth was practically a secret, it seems. He wasn't the most loved child, whether it be due to his father's disappointment in his own doing, the fact after his first breaths were taken, the couple found themselves terribly busy, or some other... Third happening. The truth of his abandonment might never be discovered, but his mum stayed by his side as long as she could, teaching him a deal of everything imaginable before she, too, vanished. Leaving him with relatives at the College.

Flynn isn't unhappy with himself despite the scars of his past being ever-apparent in aspects of his newly blossoming life. He finds himself unable to understand why he reacts the way he does, be in shame or fear, so he tends to keep his history and personal matters to his person. Mayhaps one day he'll figure out exactly what occurred in his foggy youth, but as of now, he's more focused on his studies... And the occasional midnight adventure.
parents None.
siblings Open.
lover Open.
children None.
extended Distant Cousin - Ace Sinclair.


the player
pronouns he/him
birthday 03/28
contact pm