Meissa Bacchus played by Uri
Highlander Imperial Army Captain
Extra Small

A beautiful woman of forgotten blue blood, Meissa has noble features. Her facial features are strong, with barely any dip by her brow. She holds her head high and determined, pink gaze always searching. Her face is a tapestry of russets and tans with a chocolate mask that spreads from her brow to her chin, across her eyes and to her ears. Calculating eyes gleam salmon in hue, insistent and intense unless she is with dear friends, where they may soften with amusement and joy. A splash of white lays over her throat, framed by a collar of tan and furthermore russet. Adorned across her back is a cape of stark white, originating at her shoulders and spreading down to her tail.

[ Some of her art may display accessories or freckles/spots on her face - those are not present in character. ]

attracted to:
scent: ocean salt and sandalwood.

A woman who survived the tribulation of fire, Meissa holds the visage of a female knight, a soldier who has served through the wars and come out of them stronger. She does not trust easily, often questioning the motives and beliefs of those around her. When her trust is truly broken, it can rarely be recovered - for she will always fear a repetition of the past. Yet, somehow, she often seems to grant mercy to the undeserving - so long as they did not hurt those she cares about.

When she does find herself comfortable enough to interact with others, she tends to ramble on and on about various things. Never truly understanding when less is more, when there is silence it often feels violent and she feels the need to fill it or have it shatter about her. She will often find herself repeating things to try to make her point understood, be it across conversations or within the same sitting.

Once you get to know the woman, you will find a heart overflowing. After years of protecting her heart from those who would do harm with it, she has an overabundance of love to give. She yearns, pines, and when she finds love, she clings to it with every essence of her being. She adores affection, displaying it often to the few she trusts the most. Due to her past, she has an affinity for children and the vulnerable, stepping in while disregarding her own safety if it means that she is protecting those who need it.

Due to her abandonment issues, when Meissa finds something or someone she cares deeply for, she has trouble letting them go. Her trust issues mean that she is always wary of losing them, causing her to fight for them even more. This can easily cause problems if she becomes overbearing or quick to react.

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Born under the light of the full moon in the red shadows of the Redwood, the young Meissa found herself lost from the start. Unplanned, undesired, the girl was never meant to take her first breath. A fey child, the whispers claimed in her mother's ear. A bastard of consumption, they called out to her father, already away. Her destiny was never to rise, but to be thrown from the cliffs, dashed upon the rocks, and stolen away by the tide.

Weak and feeble, she was abandoned - left not even in the care of strangers or relatives but instead left in a basket at the edge of the Redwood with a note.

This is Meissa, curse of Bacchus, may the Wood take her as it gave her.

Somehow, against all odds, the girl survived - nursed by a young mother who roamed upon the streets. The girl remained at this woman's side no longer than her lips sought nurse-milk and then she was left again, thrown to the rest of the orphans and scoundrels of the alley.

She could not delay in her growing, leaping headfirst into her maturity as she grew. She learned quickly that to trust was to be a fool, to love was to be forgotten. If she was to live, she could not rely on any others but herself. She accepted kindness with suspicion, distrusted any word of platitude or compliment. After all, she could not have been worth anything.

She was nearing her first year when she was seized by a seedy individual for theft of food, betrayed as her band of street urchins fled, leaving her behind. She had two choices: Repent and join the Imperial Army so she would be out of his territory or face far greater punishment and be required to work off the theft. Furious, she studied, took the exams, joined the Army, and forced herself forward into this new, unwilling, career.

She remained a soldier as she aged, rising in the ranks without any fanfare. She, eventually, reconnected with one of the men she had known in her youth. Still too young for married life, she nevertheless pursued him and was pursued in return - for a time. He wished for things faster than she desired and she plead that he wait just for a time. He did not, would not. The last she heard of him, he has a wife and children in the Commonwealth somewhere.

It was only at the eve of her third year that she was promoted to Captain - just in time to witness her superior officer, one Captain Argent, retire due to injury. She was left under the command of a stranger, though she supposed that would have happened eventually.

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parents Vanished
siblings Open
lover None
children None
extended Open

Old scar at base of tail and across front of nose

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