ahrendue morrow played by briar
Lowlander Commonwealth huntress Voxi
↳ ❝ bitter redwood ! ❞ ─ formed from the sun and molded by the earth, ahrendue morrow's appearance does nothing but betray her line of work. she moves in a brutish manner, lacking any outwardly feminine grace but recompenses by being sturdily built. a pillar of strength, ren can be considered rugged in person with her medium-length coat covered in minuscule scars and marks. she is a blend of rusted browns, faint gold, soft buttercream, and scattered ivory upon a frame built from successful hunts and brutal mountain paths. her features are almost considered hawkish; an angular face nearly perpetually resting in a bored expression. she is a lupine that leaves a striking impression, especially with the scars that mar (or perhaps, enhance) her appearance. gained from a careless mistake within her youth, the left side of her face is struck by three gashes that barely misses her eye and goes down towards her jawline. she is a huntress, that can not be mistaken.
[ wolvden reference ^ ] ❍ [ artistic reference one. ]
attracted to: All
scent: sandalwood
the cynichidden heart of goldheroic neutraltype 6w5: the guardian
↳ ❝ in depth ? ❞ ─ to outside eyes, ren is best described as aloof and abrasive, and she does nothing to disprove this perception. few words fall from her tongue upon meeting someone for the first time, and her demeanor is considered rigid: she doesn't have time to waste when following an order, or completing a contract. her expressions are limited to irritation or a simple blankness, if not the occasional snarl should one dare to press her nerves so early in interaction. however, though she tries her best to uphold this cold exterior, she is a cesspool of emotions with ranges she fights to keep concealed.

honorable ( *synonyms include: trustworthy & dependable ) ─ should one try to pry her shell open, or cross paths with her while in need of aid, it'll be quickly discerned that ahrendue is a gallant individual. she won't hesitate to put herself in harm's way in order to protect another, whether they're an ally or stranger to her, though the same kindness cannot be extended to an enemy. as such, she brushes off favors or any kind of thanks: is she to simply stand idly by and watch, or try to help in any manner that she can? she expects the same principle to apply to her should she find herself in danger, though those times are few and hardly a threat. should someone betray her trust, however, she is quick to abandon them to whatever fate has in store, for who is she to interfere when the goddess has plans? a callous move, sure, but there's no hesitation nor remorse, only a frustration that she ever attempted to help them.

observant and perceptive ( bleeds into subtle paranoia ) ─ a life dedicated to hunting has led her to be a perceptive wolf, studying every minute detail within the scenery and observing slight movements. she tends to privately note things that she hears or notices and bring them up later on, although outwardly she appears to forget things as soon as they're mentioned. when mulling over her thoughts, it's easy to startle her away from her thinking, but make no mistake. she's forming opinions (even if they're unfair ones) and keeping a facade up until she can guess your intentions. once ren settles on a perception, she holds it close until proven otherwise.

enigmatic and private but unpredictable ( holds her tongue, waits ) ─ even those dear to ahrendue finds trouble with getting her emotions to spill forth, and indeed, ren finds it hard herself to split her belly open with every emotion she comprehends and reveal them. she knows that she's holding herself to impossible standards to keep this facade, even as it begins to noticeably crack the more she's pushed to the breaking point. to prevent others from peering too hard and any moments of weakness, ren instead remains a cryptic and elusive presence. her motivations are her own to know, there's no room for others to decipher. she's quick to remove herself from an uncomfortable situation, especially one that demands her views to be known.

stubborn and unbending ( *synonyms include: relentless, determined ) ─ a trait that has landed her in more trouble than its worth, ahrendue is hard-pressed to remove herself from something she decided to pursue. be it a quest for vengeance or some other personal endeavor, she must complete this goal or else it'll linger forever in her mind where she has to process the potential outcomes. any attempts to deter her from a path would be met with bared teeth and scathing words, her mind has been set and she must see it through. even if that means death.


↳ ❝ before & ❞ ─ mother doesn't speak of her past, all ahrendue knows of her comes from her father. she was a contender, a promising lady who descended from lower nobility; meira was more wisp than wolf, her spirit considered curious by others and tolerated by her sneering parents. it was odd that two haughty wolves bore such a quiet child who much preferred the company of nature rather than mingle with her mainlander peers, but it mattered not, for meira's future was to pursue the college of eòlas and become a high-standing member of society. the golden firstborn child within the catach clan, a figure molded to become her parents' pride while her siblings were left to have their own interests. it went for naught when meira disappeared from melrose, last seen accompanying a much taller wolf towards elsewhere; quickly was she considered the fallen daughter, the bane of the catach line, mourned for her potential. it is believed she died, but she instead settled among lowlanders and bore a litter, shedding her identity in almost an instant.

↳ ❝ then & ❞ ─ a litter of red and umber, bearing none of meira's roots and highly favoring seoras. tucked away deep in the neck of the woods, the family is blessed with three pups, of which ahrendue is the firstborn, followed by a sister and brother. bestowed the name ahrendue damhnait morrow, their childhood was uneventful, bellies full with the sun and gnawing on their parents' heels. upon reaching adolescence, meira urged her children to become interested in a trade that will benefit them in this life. uninterested in her mother's lessons in politics, young ren occupied her time by accompanying her father in his daily hunts, finding herself enthralled with the land surrounding her and the creatures that inhabited it. still, she was naive: while braving the forests, a combination of seoras' slowness to get to her and ren's refusal to heed his warning, she earned a devastating injury that nearly left her blind. ivory claws digging deep into her face and a white hotness, that's all she remembers of that day. rushed home to meira's healing embrace and her siblings worried gaze, the memory remains in tatters due to being in a haze, fighting to stay conscious. as a result, healing slowly, ren was advised to stay longer while kellam and syvis left to forge their own identities. syvis paid regular visits in hopes of lifting her sister's spirits, while kellam would send his worries through her, far too busy to see ren's condition. at the arrival of spring, ren was allowed to leave her parents supervision due to being fully healed. she hasn't been back since.

↳ ❝ after & ❞ ─ ahrendue has spent the remainder of her life maintaining a reputation and creating an occupation for herself. creating short-lived relationships, trading with others and offering her skills in hunting, surviving. only now has she considered her ambitions, and whether she's content with the life she's carved.

parents meira catach (D; alive) x seoras morrow (S; alive)
siblings kellam morrow (B: alive), syvis morrow (S: alive)
lover none
children none
extended few and far between; unknown to her

large facial scar (L): obtained on a hunt

the player
pronouns she/her
birthday dec. 30
contact pm