Calcifer Murdoch played by Uri
Highlander Commonwealth Scout Jacobite
Extra Large

Calcifer is a man with rugged charm. He has well defined muscles laid out over long limbs, a mark of the work he has put into his life from early on. Never one to settle for long, he often appears a man with a mission, striding with powerful leaps to get where he needs to go. At times, this can cause him to neglect his own appearance, sometimes leaving him with burrs or mats he has to take extra time to clear out. It isn't that the man cares naught for his appearance - instead, he just focuses on the task at hand.

attracted to: Undecided
scent: Spearmint, pine needles, and sea salt.

Always one to crack a joke when he's with those he cares about, Cal can often be found joining camp circles, cracking jokes and chatting up anyone who will listen. While he's not a cheater, when not tied to anyone in particular he can often be found flirting up anyone who will give him the time of day. Whether or not he expects anything to come from these flirtations is beyond even himself.


The man has no qualms with teasing and prodding, especially those whose political or bloodline affiliation contrasts his own. Quick to put on a smile to get his way, he has learned not to betray his true thoughts or purposes - unless there is something he can gain from them.


Calcifer has a strong moral compass and is very intense about the things he believes in. If he believes in something, he will fight for it to the ends of the earth. Be this political or through vengeance for someone he believes has been wronged, there's nothing he won't do, even if his life is on the line.


The man's greatest vice is probably his price and arrogance. He is slow to apologize and slower to truly regret, feeling usually that what he has done has reason and truth behind it.


When faced with adversity or his own misdeeds, he often is stubborn about his beliefs and own virtues. He may not be so easy to convince of things he does not believe, especially since he is stalwart in his decisions.

birth year

Calcifer's father was a man of honor and strength, a warrior within his clan and the brother to a clan leader within the Highlands. His mother was a brilliant woman from the College, who often ventured north to meet with and learn from the clans. Being Highlander born herself, she was more trusted and was able to slip past the clan leader's defenses and into his father's heart.

Not too long after, Calcifer was born. He was rowdy from the start, excitable and eager to learn and explore the world. He was a bright boy, much to his mother's joy, but would often find himself caught up in small troubles. He took an early liking to Caspian, an older boy with a penchant for leading others into all sorts of mischief, such as raiding the hauls of fishermen and running away, laughing all the while.

year i

As he passed a year of age, his father decided that he'd had enough of the boy's troublemaker friends and set him aside. His mother had to return to the College and his father blamed him and took out his frustrations on the boy. Desperate for approval, Calcifer upped the ante of his jovial attitude, trying to get what affection he could out of his peers when he could find none from his father.

He found himself in the circles of Jacobites, where he met the young Roisin and her brother, Kiel. He was just too young to take part in the Jacob/Aileen's rebellion but he witnessed Kiel's broken form. This sign solidified his belief in the Jacobite cause and rippled a disgust for the Royalists within his very soul.

year ii

Now two years of age and finally an adult, he has finally made his way into society. Whether that will be polite society or whether he will frolick with those of less... suitable tastes is no longer his father's concern.

parents Open.
siblings Open.
lover Open.
children None that he is aware of.
extended Open.


the player
pronouns They/them
birthday 04/30
contact pm