Sorcha Kinnaird played by Kit
Highlander Commonwealth Hunter Voxi
A ghrian a's a ghealach, stiùir sinn

Gu uair ar cliù 's ar glòir

Her small, slender frame is draped in a coat kissed by the earth; chocolate dominates her frame, while taupe masks her eyes and muzzle. When standing in the correct light, her undercoat of fox-red can be seen clearly. Her underside is made of pale cream, running along the underside of her muzzle, her throat, and her belly. The sandy colour flows on to encase her legs. Large, coppery ears are donned upon her head, and her fluffy tail is the same russet colour.

Her eyes, in comparison to the rich earthy tones of her pelt, are a vibrant peridot green, their bright colour only emphasised by the darker tones that surround them. Typically large and inviting, they perfectly reflect the small woman’s personality.

attracted to: All
scent: Pine
Naoidhean bhig, ar rìbhinn òg

Here is a girl who does not understand the meaning of the word “shy”. From the day of her birth, Sorcha has been nothing but confident, always looking for the next adventure or a new friend. But with such confidence comes a sense of recklessness, and it was not uncommon for the small female to find herself in some form of trouble in her youth. But, she is an intelligent girl, and always found a way out of her predicament; and learned from her past mistakes. Now, she ensures to stop and think before rushing into a situation, to avoid running into trouble. Most of the time.

She is a vocal being, quick to ask questions and happy to chat about pretty much anything, and though this can sometimes lead to her conversations being a little one-sided, it generally gives her a reputation of being easy to get along with, and a quickly made friend. Sorcha is, at her heart, a kind soul who cares deeply about the well-being of those close to her. Chatty nature aside, she is more than willing to listen, and will offer whatever advice she has, if it is asked of her.

Sorcha thrives on positive interactions and falters in ones that turn sour. Awkwardness and embarrassment are not emotions that she deals with well, and turning to anger to escape from these confrontations is not unheard of. She absolutely will not allow herself to be walked over, and should she ever feel like she is being taken advantage of, she will not hesitate to speak up about it. What she lacks in brute strength she more than makes up with in wit. Like the smoldering russet tones contained within her pelt, the girl possesses a flaring temper that will quickly surface if someone drives her to it. She is not one to hold a grudge, so long as she receives the apology she believes that she deserves. However, should someone undeserving of her temper come under fire, she always makes sure to apologise for it as soon as possible.

Mhaighdean uasal bhàn

Youngest child of Fearghus and Iona. The louder sibling, Sorcha often drew her brother Shaw into her antics - playing tricks on her parent's customers in their tavern and generally being a much-loved nuisance.

As an adult she works as a hunter and merchant, her affinity for people making her an excellent saleswoman. The recent deaths of her brother and father has her questioning her political leanings, and has found herself with a growing interest in the teachings of Voice.

parents Fearghus x Iona
siblings Shaw
lover Baelfire
children --
extended --


the player
pronouns she/her
birthday May 9th
contact pm