Kazgut Kolgrim played by Warg
Outlander Commonwealth Gravedigger Undecided
Extra Large
PHYSICALLY no markings adorn him. He is of solid dark and absent of all color. There are undertones of gray hidden beneath all that black - perhaps just a trick of the light. Ah, but there is a catch. Dagger-point teeth protrude from black gums, hidden by black lips - pale like moonstone. Smooth and sharpened with purpose. They, milk-white, pair with eyes of lightest gray. (Watching, peering out from stoic face.) Fully matured he is of great proportions. Sleek of body and long of limb, the blackness of his coat hangs from him. Lean and purposeful, he is well-muscled and angled for predation. A tail, low and heavy, tips toward the ground.

MOVEMENT for him is the unbroken, shifting stride of a hunter. He can move at pace to cover ground. Well-built, he shows some agility and suppleness of motion but shall never been particularly quick. Only swift enough, to move out of the way of what cannot be matched; at best.

VOICE is seldom heard. A low, perpetual growl and rumble of words often mistaken for a murmur. He speaks beneath breath, as it were, as though not wishing anyone to overhear.
attracted to: Undecided
scent: Earth & Decay
UNBOTHERED generally in attitude, it might be best to describe Kazgut as being calm in nature, reliably even of temperament and rarely taken off-guard by the goings on of the world, regardless of their power. This leads him to being a bit INSCRUTABLE as it can be hard to know what is going on beneath that still surface. ALOOF without conscious effort.

LOYAL to those that he has entrusted himself to, he is not one to willfully change sides nor to turn his back on those who have won such faithfulness. CONFIDENT in himself as well as his choices, he will stand by the decisions that he makes, regardless of the outcome. This can make him come across as being UNCHANGING and STUBBORN - even FATALISTIC. What shall happen, shall happen.

Those closer to him might uncover a deep INTENSITY in his manner, as he can have a very black-and-white view of the world. Things are rarely grey to him. Actually very PHYSICAL in nature, he puts a great deal into the act of touch - be it touching a stranger, a peer, or an object.
Life is remembered in monochrome. Hailing from northern isles. Featureless skies and wane moonlight have followed him from here to there. Whether a stark figure striking out (- deep in the chase and blinded by the hunt!) or a mere shadow following after. His story is written in tandem with his love - other half; purpose in being; devotion. He is here, in the now, with only one marketable skill - "Digging graves" - he refuses to elaborate further.

They currently reside in Perth, near the Fae Forest, in a dilapidated cottage with a suspiciously flourishing garden
parents unknown
siblings ...
lover Vyette
children ...
extended ...

Small scars on limbs from digging, the fur grows back more ashen, sooty - silverline to behold.


Herbarium Apuleii Platonici

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pronouns they/them
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