Baelfire played by Essie
Lowlander Imperial Army Soldier Royalist
mother: black coat, green eyes, small & average
father: white coat, light blue eyes, medium & muscular

indicates inherited coloration and physique

baelfire was the firstborn in his parents only litter of two. he was a large pup and his big, clumsy paws were the number one indicator that he was going to be an even larger adult. his 'little' brother stayed the smaller of the pair, while he kept on growing until he stood the tallest one out of their little family. with only a difference in eye color and size, baelfire was a near replica of his father while his brother beltane was a perfect one of their mother.

attracted to: Females
scent: prarie grass
sometimes all i think about is you...
as a youth, baelfire was without a care in the world. he was born alongside his brother, beltane, to an unlikely but perfect couple. his mother studied in the college of eòlas, while his father served the imperial army and although he was technically born in edinburgh, his little family often traveled between the lowlands and the mainlands due to his parents differing professions and thus he considers his nationality blended.

they were a happy family until the night of the incident.

baelfire came home, his youthful innocence stolen along with his left eye.

his father, enraged by the cruelty his son had endured, promised that this crime would not go unpunished. together, they set out to slay the beast. nearly a year passed before they found him alone in the red wood and slaughtered him like the animal he was.

the release was unlike any other. as he watched the light leave those murderous red eyes, he felt parts of his old self beginning to resurface.

finally he could get back to himself...

it was then that he noticed his father had sustained grievous injuries. he managed to help his father get home in hopes that his mother would be able to heal him. the adrenaline from their victory was dwindling fast and the moment he saw the grave look in his mother's eyes it was snuffed out completely. she looked up, nothing in her usually warm eyes, and told him there was nothing she could do. his father was going to die. a few hours later, he succumbed to his wounds and passed away in the night. a week later his mother died from a broken heart.

newly orphaned, the boys were forced to strike out on their own. baelfire always had dreams of joining the army, but now his motives have changed and all he wants is to honor his father's legacy while beltane is believed to have gone off to join the college in place of their mother. he hasn't been seen since their parents deaths and if not for his dear friend sorcha, who he met during his vengeful travels, baelfire would have been completely alone...

parents adair & laurel
siblings beltane
children none
extended none

he lost his left eye during an encounter with an older lone male when he was only a yearling and although the terrible wound eventually healed and scarred over, he lost much more than his eye that night.

the player
birthday 4/27
contact pm