Dionysus Nightwine played by evan
Mainlander Thieves' Guild Bartender Royalist
i haven't moved an inch since seventeen

medium; smaller than he should be, but cursed with the roots of a mainlander and their tinier form. rusted over from years of being a barkeep. various scarring from a past that isn't spoken often about. if it is mentioned, you'll see the crease in his brow and the hardened stare you don't get from a simple past. forever handsome with a sharp jawline and chiseled from his own garden work. almost like a statue; steadfast and firm. a little bit of a belly; definitely not from too many nights spend in the backroom with willing wolves. everything needed for a great barkeep. brawny arms to carry drunken bar patrons to the back room and a handsome maw and silver tongue to keep them joyous and drunken.
code by violetta + art by hoffnungsstern.
attracted to: All
scent: Fermented berries
maybe my gut's a little bigger

adapted to the lifestyle of the thieves' guild around the age of two, dionysus kept one state of mind. forever young; a teenager with quick wit and charisma. the barkeep has an enchanting aura around him that lures others in. maybe it's the way he can adapt to any given situation for a certain patron or different groups. or the fact that he always makes the night more interesting with cheering on some of the obstreperous crowd's shenanigans. even if ends with him cleaning until dawn. he's always one to entertain, that's for sure. a people pleaser and a man who is always willing to try something - someone new.

has somewhat of a "pirate" accent from spending too many long nights at the tavern.
code by violetta.
and my shirts don't fit right anymore.

born and raised in yorkshire, dionysus has been a true-hearted mainlander for all of his life. it's not a surprise that the man was brought up within the royalist view of things. for as long as he lived with his parents; he was encouraged to keep up with the politics that happened within the region of rionnach. with his parents bringing him to every festival and political gathering that they could. which was almost all of them. his father was a proud lieutenant major within the ranks of the imperial army. best of the best. his name well-regarded among the few generations that had gone through the rigorous training in the barracks. his name had dwindled out when his own son, dionysus joined the ranks. it was merely brought up from time to time; between older colonels, an expectation to meet for the young soldier. his mother was a housewife that contributed to the community by selling flowers and cooking herbs from her garden. an honest living for the two of them. and then their only son; who they were ecstatic was in the army. it was unfortunate when he only lasted up to the final hours of becoming a real soldier.

when he came home on break, which was supposed to be for young cadets after they finished their first year of training. to drop by a final time before they traded their lives for the army. something had scared the coming of age man. something he could not shake, someone he could not shake. leaving all the comrades he had met and created friendships with behind. he went home, to greet his parents with the news. arriving, his parents greeted him with open arms. they spent a few hours together before dionysus crumbled with the truth. immediately his father thought it was a joke, with his wife laughing (nervously) beside him. but when dionysus face did not change, his father's laughs turned into shouting. within moments he had no home. no matter how hard he tried to explained, the door was slammed in his face. he could hear his mother's disappointed sobs on the other side of the door. 'where did we go wrong?'

disowned and nowhere to go, he retreated to sussex; where all failures go to become more than what their parents told them they were. and on his birthday, he got a job at the drunken seagull and stayed there. taken under the wing of the tavern owner who taught him everything he knows now. he found a new home, a new family (even if they were just drunkards at the bar), a new passion to drive him, and that? drinking and using other various methods to keep his mind away from the home that he came from and for the new one he had traded.
code by violetta.
parentsZeus x Selene
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the player
pronouns he/him
birthday january twenty-eighth
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