sonder autumn 1710
Gentle Hearted
Soft Spoken
Spring 1707
2 years old
College of Eòlas
biology student
Wanted for Dodging Draft
Gallagher is a gentle-looking creature – neither massive nor petite, with a softer-looking appearance to his features. Their facial features hold gentle curves, cheekbones noticeable but not too terribly prominent. Nothing upon their face gives the allure of hardness, despite a slight resting face that suggests an aloofness that simply doesn’t exist within the gentle-hearted individual.

Their pelt holds soft tans, creams and a sandy hue splashed across the front of his shoulders and chest. The lightness of his maw lends itself to the softness of his features, the colors of his pelt giving themselves over to a look of softness, with neither the hardness of stone-based hues or nor the aggression of inherently fire-based hues. Gallagher’s eyes peer out at the world with a quiet expressiveness, muted emotions but emotions nonetheless; they hold a pale blue hue, making them a bit sensitive to the light. Their skin holds a pale hue, the pads of their paws holding some callouses but, nothing suggesting a particularly difficult life, the paws of a scholar no doubt.

Gallagher holds themselves with confidence, nothing suggesting a meek disposition. The highlands did not raise a child who holds themselves with a lack of confidence, who holds themselves as if they apologize for existing. Gallagher has pride within their stance, a surefootedness within their gait.

There are no distinguishing scars upon their bodice, nothing that would mark them as aggressive, feisty, or dangerous. There exists a few small scars from childhood, a few scars upon the pads of their paws from papercuts or plant pricks, but nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that points to a life of hardship or abuse.

biologically male
fur palette
eye colour
Cinnamon and Sage
netural good || ENFJ-A

Gallagher, throughout their life has done a lot of work to figure out who they are as an individual. They took much of this time while also partaking in classes at the College of Eolas as a biology student. Their journey of self-discovery happened largely after their first birthday when they accepted that something simply didn’t feel right with their identity as a child. Hence, Gallagher now refers to themselves as gender non-conforming, striking outside of the binary and being on neither side of it in terms of their gender identity, leaving them as identifying as agender.

They are a gentle-hearted soul, wishing no ill will upon anyone that they encounter. Gallagher is often seen as soft, and weak because of this tendency to be gentle, bordering on pacifism in their behavior. The only key difference separating the two is the fact that Gallagher feels no qualms about fighting – when it’s needed. They do not seek to avoid it, but they do not seek to incite it either. They believe that there is a time and place for it but does not see the purpose of unnecessary violence. Gallagher often comes off as quite harmless, and while they have the capacity to hurt, they simply don’t see the point in it.

Gallagher is a studious individual, finding passion in learning and studying things. Biology – flora, and fauna specifically – is their true passion, the knowledge of which they simply cannot get enough of. Gallagher is willing to learn anything and often finds themselves borderline obsessive over new things as they begin to learn. The old books and the knowledge that resides within them is an invaluable thing in Gallagher’s mind, as well as the knowledge stored in the life stories of those around them.

Soft-spoken is an easy way to describe Gallagher. They rarely raise their voice, rarely show anything beyond a soft warmth in their voice when they speak. They come off as shy if one bases it only on the way that they speak. Gallagher, however, is not quite shy, but this soft-spoken-ness is something that has persevered since childhood, even when Gallagher themselves had been a bit rambunctious.

Gallagher subscribes to the Jacobite political party and holds firmly to those beliefs that are present. While, they are not overly zealous about it, or particularly verbal about their political stance, there are moments of which a particular passion can come about, and they're heavily involved in many of the happenings for his party because of this.

Charitable is an easy term to describe Gallagher. They are more than willing to give to those less fortunate or to help in any way that they can. This behavior was instilled in them by their father, a charitable man in his own right, who gave himself to the betterment of society as much as he could. Gallagher hopes to emulate that as much as they can, and they hope that their path through the college will give them a better ledge to do so.

attracted to
- Mother abandoned them at birth; father left to hurriedly find a nursemaid.
- The nursemaid and father became a couple a few weeks after birth.
- Is aware of the situation of their birth but refers to the nursemaid – now their father’s wife – as their mother.
- Is aware of who their mother is but does not claim them in any way.
- Raising was decent; no significant things happened.
- Joined the college when they turned one year old.
- Continued on, to the graduate level in biology.
- Spent time figuring themselves out, while in school.
Semus Breac x Bridgett Coalbear