Brynn Moss played by Jasper
Outlander Commonwealth Healer Undecided
When this particular woman was created the artist had an amusing sense of humor. White coats her entire frame, broken by splashes of cream and tan that are patterned in a way different than most. The effect is lovely and eye-catching. In her youth, she received some issues from it but it was a difference the woman embraced and now the confidence she exudes makes sure that others are keen to pay attention.
Her eyes are an in-between shade of blue, not dark but nowhere near considered light. A middle color that is striking against her natural earthen tones. Her walk is delicate and capable, one honed from spending much time in densely wooded areas and her natural calling lends her a scent of flora that she works with regularly.
attracted to: Males
scent: Eucalyptus & Lavender
First encounters can be damning and that has always been the way for Brynn. She has little time for nonsense and she doesn't often entertain fools. Her tongue is normally sharp and there doesn't seem to be much kindness. Even when caring for others her denside manners can seem lacking. Either do what you are told or Brynn will allow you to suffer your own consequences.
If you are lucky enough to get past the seemingly back parts of her personality you'll see a different side. Brynn can love fiercely, and once she does it never ends. For those, she cares for she would do anything and they see a softer side of her than most don't. Her mother once compared her to a rose, beautiful if you can only look past the horrible thorns.
Once there was a loving family. A male and a female who birthed their children and swore to love them. That however was a lie. There was little love between parents and children, for the children were never quite enough. There was never enough perfection. Sadly that meant that even the siblings struggled to properly show one another affection though they tried in their own ways.
Time passed and Brynn grew and made her way out of the home she had grown in. She made a life for herself that she could find peace and joy in. Her heart soared as she learned healing arts and through her bedside manner wasn't the best her abilities were unparalleled in the area. Though her relationship with her sister was always strained she found love when the title of Aunt was added to her name. Brynn was there when the children needed her, doing what she could to help her sister.
Life was good until a rockfall destroyed everything. So many lost their lives and it was nothing short of a miracle that Brynn pulled herself out of the rubble hours later. Her memories of everything were left behind. Alone and battered she wandered until an old woman found her and nursed back her wounds. In the weeks that Brynn remained with Rispah she was able to recover some of her healing arts and her name. No memory of her family came back other than flashes that made little to no sense.
The world called to her so once she was fully healed Brynn set out. Her paws carried her randomly until something told her to stop. What adventure await?
parents --
siblings Sinead & Galen
lover --
children --
extended Belfast & Anaca


the player
pronouns She/Her
birthday Feb 16th
contact pm