sonder autumn 1710
Fickle Loyalty
3 years old
Thieves' Guild
Wanted for Dodging Draft

Charcoal tones drape the man like a thick, heavy cloak. His visage is angular, sleek, hardened by a lifestyle many would shy away from. Violet eyes peer at the world with a particularly guarded coldness, his features remaining neutral despite the internal emotions. Numerous scars kiss his visage, denoting a life hard lived; a life of fighting. A fluid, feline gait comes from those shadow paws, silent and deadly as any assassin or mercenary might be. He does not possess a soldier’s march, and does not stomp to the beat of a drum. Languid, deep baritones rumble when he speaks, a soothing tone, honeyed liquor. The scent of an oak’s fallen leaves in autumn wraps around him, denoting his presence and passing.

this character speaks common tongue & gaelic
fur palette
eye colour
Autumn Oak Leaves
the chains are broken, but are you truly free?

• GRUFF Archon is a gruff individual, there’s simply no other way to put it. He is harsh and abrasive, coming off as someone who may be harsh in nature. Which would be an accurate assumption of him, now wouldn’t it?

• STOIC Archon is a man of simplicity in that he does not show his emotions easily. He, when faced with something, will more than often endure it, rather than speak upon it. This is a true symptom of his less-than-ideal upbringing.

• DILIGENT He is diligent by nature, having a steady, steadfast way of doing things, and seeing them through until the end. More often than not it doesn’t particularly end… well, for the other, but there isn’t a single individual who can’t say that Archon isn’t diligent.

• SLY Due to his upbringing, Archon has a sly nature about him. He’s a sneak by design; he has a cunning, often deceitful nature that is unsettling at best to most but downright upsetting to others. It lends itself to his chosen trade quite well.

• FICKLE LOYALTY Archon has never been one with steadfast loyalty. While he will see a task through to the end, don’t expect him to hang around long afterward. He’s there one moment and gone the next, and his loyalty always goes to the highest bidder — there’s no such thing as undying loyalty to him, and it isn’t a concept that he understands.

• AGGRESSIVE By design, Archon is an aggressive creature. Between his upbringing, his chosen profession, and his personality… it’s easier to be on his bad side than his good, and his bad side always has teeth.

• FIGHTER To lend itself towards his aggressiveness, Archon is a fighter. In many senses of the word, sure, but first and foremost, in the most physical sense Archon fights, usually low, dirty, and with intent to kill.


• Women & men
• Hunting
• Fighting

• Large crowds
• Anyone who reminds him of 'Sir.'
• Hunger

• This character exhibits symptoms of PTSD; this is portrayed as accurately as I can — don't hesitate to correct something you see that isn't accurate.
• This character has a trigger warning for adult language, violence, and dark themes.
attracted to
you can't wake up, this is not a dream

There should be something sacred about the bond between child and parent. But, sometimes that bond is broken. While Archon knows who his parents are, and lived with them for the first three months of his life… the reality of it for him is that they did not want him. Born in a pack held beneath the tyrannical rule of another, Archon was given as a sacrifice — the unwilling lamb to the literal slaughter. Placed upon a stone, between two alphas, his parents cowering behind their own, the group waited tensely to see if their ‘offering’ would be taken.

It seemed that their offering worked, as the tyrant picked him up, and carried him off — with an order to later slaughter the whole pack to his berserker-style warriors. The pack that took Archon in was a violent, aggressive pack that treated members good only if they could fight. At first, Archon was little more than a slave, a young child held beneath the claw of the Alpha, who only resided in Archon’s mind as ‘Sir.’

Sir, however, seemed to take a bit of a liking to the pup that he had taken, to the whelp whose family he’d ordered to be slaughtered. Archon to this day does not understand it, beyond the simple explanation of ‘I saw a fighter in you.’ Which, in truth, if Sir was wrong it was a self-correcting problem. Archon knew this, and perhaps that’s why he dedicated himself so wholeheartedly into the pit that he — and so many others — were thrown into.

Archon spent the first and second year of his life in fighting pits — and reigned king within. He held the title of being undefeated, but at the expense of the lives of many that were placed against him. While their faces no longer haunt him, the actions themselves hold sway within his mind, impacting him beyond his own comprehension.

At the end of his second year, however, disaster struck the pack that had adopted him. A usurping resulted in Sir’s death and the freeing of the ‘slaves’ within the pits — including Archon. He was cast out, chased from the pack’s lands with tooth and claw on his heels. Without a purpose for a month, Archon decided to roam, wander, and see the world he had never seen before.

He decided to sell himself as a hired set of teeth, within Rionnach, a new Kingdom that he’s found himself within. He views this new place as strange, as he’s not quite used to civilized life, but as long as it does not hold chains for him, Archon is fine with anything else that Rionnach may have to offer for him.

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